Lexis 360 is a French law database. It includes legislation, cases, journals and encyclopedias, all in French. 

A new version of Lexis 360, Lexis 360 Intelligence, is being introduced. At the time of writing, the classic version is still available, but you can switch to Lexis 360 Intelligence by clicking on ‘Utiliser la prochaine version…’. The two versions have different search facilities (see ‘Searching’, below, for details). 


Lexis 360 requires first-time users to create their own username and password, for both on-site and remote access. To do this: 

  • go to https://ials.sas.ac.uk/library/legal-databases-and-digital-resources/law-databases and select Lexis 360; 
  • click ‘Access onsite at IALS’ if you are at the library, or click ‘Remote access’ and log in with your IALS credentials (ID = family name, PW = SAS/IALS library card barcode) 
  • on the Lexis 360 home page, click ‘Se connecter’; 
  • click ‘Créer votre compte’ and fill in the required information. 

Remote access is available to all academic members of IALS Library.  There are two steps to logging in: 

  • on the University of London authentication page, enter your name + library card barcode number; 
  • on the Lexis 360 page, click on ‘Se connecter’ and enter your personal ID and password (see above). 


  • Legislation:  more than 70 French codes, some annotated; individual French laws and regulations, other official documents; EU legislation and other EU documents (in French). 
  • Cases:  decisions of the Conseil constitutionnel, Conseil d'Etat, Cour de cassation, Cours d'appel and other French courts, many with commentary and analysis; EU, ECHR and ICJ cases. 
  • Journals:  more than 40 French law journals (not all current). 
  • Encyclopedias:  more than 50 JurisClasseurs and other legal encyclopedias 
  • Study guides and revision material for students (Fiches pédagogiques), including overviews of legal topics. 
  • Practical briefings (Synthèses JurisClasseur):  outlines of the law, arranged by topic. 


Lexis 360 Intelligence has a one-box search facility that supports Boolean and other search operators. For details, click in the search box, then select Rappel de la syntaxe des requêtes avancées.  There is also an Advanced Search form: see recherche avancée, to the right of the main search box. 

Search results can be sorted by relevance (pertinence) or date, and filtered by date and area of law; case search results can also be filtered by jurisdiction.   

TIP: to find a specific case, search its registration number (numéro RG):  for example, 19-24.490, or 21/04498. 

The classic version of Lexis 360 offers simple and multi-field search facilities: Recherche Lexis 360 and Recherche multi-critères


On Lexis 360 Intelligence, browse the available collections via the Contenus menu on the left. 

On the classic version, browsing is available via the Contenus tab. To browse a code, open its contents list by clicking on ACCÉDER AU PLAN

Printing, downloading, sharing and pinning  

When you open a document in Lexis 360 Intelligence, print and download icons appear on the right. On classic Lexis 360, click on ‘Imprimer’ to print, or ‘Télécharger’ to download. 

To share a document from Lexis 360 Intelligence, copy and paste its URL; on classic Lexis 360, click on ‘Partager’. 

On Lexis 360 Intelligence, click on the pin icon to pin a document to the top of the screen for future reference. N.B.  For this to work, you need to be logged in using your personal ID and password (see above).