Taylor and Francis eBooks

Included in the Encore catalogue

Taylor & Francis eBooks offers access to selected law ebooks published by the Taylor & Francis group, which the Library has purchased. 


Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students; University of London law staff and postgraduate students; and IALS Library academic members. 


To see the list of books available via IALS Library, ensure the option ‘Content I have access to’ is ticked underneath ‘Filter by’ on the left hand side of the page. (this should be ticked by default when you open Taylor & Francis eBooks). There is also an option here to include open access ebooks which are available through the platform. 


A basic search is available from the home screen. There is also an option for advanced search which gives the added possibility of specifying search criteria by title, author or keyword. Once you have run a search it will be necessary to tick the option ‘Content I have access to’ again to ensure you are only seeing results from books which IALS Library subscribes to. 

From the homepage, a selection of filters are available. These allow you to filter the books subscribed to by IALS Library by subject, publication date, imprint and author. 


Once you have found a book you are interested in, it is possible to download the book or to download individual chapters. Once downloaded, it can be printed in the usual way. 


Help pages are available for students/researchers or librarians/institutions. Find them at the very bottom of the website