TradeLawGuide is a World Trade Organization (WTO) research database. It is produced by a team of trade lawyers.

The database contains WTO and GATT jurisprudence, agreements and other material. Citators, indexes and other research tools are also provided.


TradeLawGuide is available on-site and off-site to all academic members of IALS Library.


TradeLawGuide Law includes:

  • WTO and GATT jurisprudence
  • Commentary on WTO jurisprudence
  • Procedural documents from WTO cases
  • Jurisprudence citators showing how WTO/GATT cases have been cited subsequently
  • WTO and pre-WTO agreements and other instruments, with annotations
  • An article citator showing how provisions of WTO agreements/instruments have been cited in WTO jurisprudence (see ‘Quick Lookup’, or ‘Agreements…’)
  • Information about pending cases
  • Terms & Phrases, an index to definitions in WTO agreements and jurisprudence
  • Uruguay Round negotiating documents


The main page has a simple search facility covering the whole of TradeLawGuide. For advanced search options, see Text Search tab.

Quick Lookup (on the main page) finds WTO/GATT cases by agreement and provision number.

Use the Jurisprudence Citators to check whether a case has been cited in subsequent cases.

Many other search facilities are also available.


You can browse TradeLawGuide by type of document, subject and other criteria.

Printing and saving

To print or save a document, open it, then click on the print/download icon at the top.

To print a list of citations from the Jurisprudence Citator, click on the printer icon.


The main page provides an overview of the database, a ‘Getting Started’ guide and other information.

Each collection (e.g. Commentaries) and each research tool (e.g. Jurisprudence Citators) has a ‘More about’ option.

Additional help is available via the ‘Learning Centre’ link at the top of every page.