Bermuda Law Reports

The Bermuda Law Reports are the official series of law reports for Bermuda.  They are available as part of the Justis online service.


Justis is available onsite at IALS to all members of the Library. Remote access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students, other academic members of the Library and academic members of Senate House Library (see Offsite Access to IALS Electronic Resources).


The Bermuda Law Reports include judgments of the Bermudan Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal, from 1986 onwards.  Data is provided by Bermuda Law Reports Ltd, supported by an editorial committee appointed by the Bermuda Bar Council.


Under Search In, select Cases.  Now click on Data Sources, on the right, and deselect European; you will now be searching the Bermuda Law Reports only.

You can search by party name, keyword, citation, court, year and/or subject. To view the full text of a report, simply click on the hyperlink on the list of results. Pdf versions of reports are available by clicking on the red PDF tab towards the top of the full-text display.


On the welcome screen, click Browse Index and Contents and open Cases, using the + sign; now open All Cases. Select a year, then click Show Results.

Printing, emailing and downloading

Buttons for printing, emailing and downloading appear at the top of the results and full-text screens.