Cambridge Law Reports


Cambridge Law Reports is a Cambridge University Press online service providing access to two important series:  International Law Reports and ICSID Reports. International Law Reports (ILR) publishes decisions of international courts and tribunals, together with decisions of municipal courts in matters of international law, from 1919 onwards. ICSID Reports publishes decisions of arbitral tribunals and ad hoc committees set up under the auspices of the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), 1975 onwards.


Select Cambridge Law Reports from the IALS Electronic Law Library, then choose either on-site or remote access. To log in for remote access, enter your name and IALS Library card barcode number, as prompted. All IALS Library’s current academic members have on-site and remote access to Cambridge Law Reports. 


Cambridge Law Reports opens on the Advanced Search page, which allows you to search by party name, year, volume number, keyword (that is, subject) and other criteria.  You can select either ILR or ICSID Reports -  under ‘Sources’ - in order to search that series only. A quick-search box is also available, at the top of the page.


On the Browse Cases tab you can use the ‘Sort by’ drop-down menu to display the list of cases by year of publication, or year of decision.  The  tab also has a ‘Go to Case’ option, which allows you to select either ILR or ICSID Reports, then specify a volume number.  

Viewing results

Search results are displayed in order of relevance; switch to chronological order, if desired, using ‘Sort by’.

Results can be filtered by party name, court, year, source and other criteria. There is also a Search Within Results facility, which allows you enter additional search terms. 

Click on the case name to open the document. PDF versions of each case are available: click on ‘Read PDF’, on the left-hand side. The ‘Volume info’ tab gives access to the title page and to other cases in the same volume.

Downloading and printing

To download or print a case, open the PDF version, then click on the download icon or print icon.