Included in the Encore catalogue

Elgaronline offers electronic access to selected law titles/mini-collections. 


Titles can be accessed both from the Elgaronline link in the Electronic Law Library or from the individual book record on the Library Catalogue. All titles may be viewed onsite for academic use. In addition, IALS and SAS staff, fellows & students, as well as University of London law staff and postgraduate students and other academic members of the library may access them offsite.


IALS library subscribes to around 530 law titles, all of which are listed directly from the home page. There are a further 22 open access books available. 


All individual titles are discoverable from the IALS library catalogue at title, subject and keyword level. From the Elgaronline platform, there are a number of search options. There is a basic search from the home page which searches across all content including Titles, Abstracts, Key Words and Full Text, however it is not possible to see where your term is used from the resulting list of books – you must then select each title and search again for your term. The results will now highlight exactly where in the book your term appears. 

The Advanced Search page can be used to build more complex searches and to search specific fields (eg. Title or Author). In addition, users can use Boolean operators in both the Advanced and Quick Searches, and both the basic and advanced search results provide filters (such as content type, subject and year of publication) to help refine results.

The browse option takes you to a list of all content within the platform including titles which are not accessible. Use the filter buttons on the left of the screen to select ‘accessible content’, and then any other filters which apply to the content you wish to browse. The filters can be set to article or chapter titles, monographs, journals articles as well as the usual subject and date filters.

Contents pages for all books are displayed after selecting the book from either the browse list or search results.



It is possible to download a PDF of each chapter of a book or journal article directly from the contents page of the item in question by clicking the ‘download PDF’ icon next to the section. Once downloaded, you can print or email the document in the usual way.


Very useful help files, covering areas such as accessing content and searching and browsing, are available from the link marked ‘help’ at the top left of the screen.