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The English Reports (ER) is a multi-volume series containing reported decision of the English courts from 1220 to 1865.  IALS Library has the printed volumes at GA2.G.1 and the whole series is on HeinOnline.   ER includes many nominate reports, so called because they were published under the name of the compiler or editor, e.g. Colles, Shower, Freeman, Adolphus and Ellis, et al.  The numbers in black type in the text show the original pagination.


Onsite access through the IALS account is available in IALS, SAS, SHL and University of London law departments.

Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students, University of London law staff and students (including LLM students) via a current IALS Library card or SAScard.  Remote access via Athens/Shibboleth is arranged by each University of London law department and ULIP for their registered law staff and students.


There are four main ways to search the English Reports: by case name, English Reports citation, nominative citation, or by keyword.  For example, if you want Hensloe's case, 77 ER 784, you can search in the following ways:

Hensloe's case   -  by case name.
77 Eng. Rep. 784  - by citation.  Note that Hein uses the abbreviation Eng. Rep., not the more usual abbreviation ER.
9 Co. Rep. 36b  - to search by the nominative (or nominate) citation.

To find cases on a particular area of law, search using key words or phrases.  Enclose a phrase in inverted commas, e.g. "Mary Queen of Scots".

Advanced Search (via the Search tab) allows you to select a particular court, for example House of Lords, or Exchequer. It can also be used to search the whole ER series.

You can construct a sophisticated key word search using connectors such as AND: see View Advanced Search Syntax, towards the bottom left of screen.


Click on English Reports Full Reprint to display a list of volumes grouped by court, followed by the case index.

Click on a court to see the individual volumes and the nominate series that they cover.  For example, if you select Kings Bench, each volume covering that court will be listed, from 72 (Bellewe; Keilwey; and Moore) to 122 (Best and Smith). Click on a volume to display the full text; use the arrows or the drop-down list of page numbers at the top to navigate to the case that you want.

Printing / Downloading

To print or download a law report from the hit list (brief details) screen, click on Print/Download options.  To print or download from the full text display, use the Printer icon towards the top of the screen, which brings up both downloading and printing facilities.

Choose "current section" to print the whole case report, or select an extract using"custom page range".