I-law: Maritime Law Resources

The i-law database is published by Informa.  IALS Library subscribes to the Maritime and Commercial Law practice area, which provides cases, legislation, treaties, journals and books.


Please email ials@sas.ac.uk for full text access details. 

i-Law is available on the Library computers to all members of IALS Library.  Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students.

Once logged in, under ‘Practice Areas’, on the left of the i-Law homepage, select ‘Maritime and Commercial’.


The Maritime and Commercial Law module provides the following materials:


  • Lloyd’s Law Reports (entire series, 1919 to date) -  decisions of both English and foreign courts.
  • Lloyd’s Law Reports Plus, an online supplement to Lloyd’s Law Reports.
  • Lloyd’s Law Reporter, a news service which summarises recent cases.

Journals and newsletters

  • Lloyd’s Maritime and Commercial Law Quarterly, 2000 onwards.  
  • Maritime Risk International, a shipping industry magazine.
  • Two newsletters, Lloyd's Maritime Law Newsletter and Shipping & Trade Law


  • 25 Informa shipping law treatises.
  • A collection of maritime conventions, The Ratification of Maritime Conventions
  • The Commercial Shipping Handbook, a dictionary of maritime law.


  • A small selection of UK maritime and commercial legislation.


For cases, journals and books, click on ‘Publications’, to the left of the Maritime and Commercial screen.   

For acts and statutoryinstruments, click on ‘Legislation’. 

Maritime treaties may be browsed by short title or subject , via the lower part of the Maritime and Commercial screen.


Law reports:  search by party name or citation from the Maritime and Commercial screen , or use the Search/Advanced Search/ Case search facilities on the dark blue horizontal bar.

Maritime treaties, scroll down on the Maritime and Commercial screen. 

Other content:  use the Search or, Advanced Search facilities towards the top of the screen.  Where necessary, select the practice area ‘Maritime and Commercial’ before running a search.

Printing, downloading and emailing

Once you have displayed a document on the screen, ‘Print’ and ‘Email’ options will usually appear on the toolbar, towards the top of the screen. If no ‘Print’ option appears, open a pdf or rtf version of the document using the links on the toolbar and print from there.

To download a document, open a pdf or rtf version, then select Save.


The Advanced Search screen includes tips for searching.  Further help is available if you click on Help, which is located under the i-Law logo.