IBFD online


IALS Library academic users can access the IBFD Tax Research Platform at IALS. 

Under our licence offsite access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students, and to University of London law staff and University of London LLM students.


All of the content to which IALS subscribes on IBFD is displayed on the IBFD Tax Research Platform:

    News items on the latest developments in taxation
    Brief overviews of tax rates in many countries, the country key features
    Concise details of tax regimes in country surveys
    Detailed descriptions of tax regimes in country analyses
    VAT by country
    Tax and social security treaties
    Model tax conventions including the UN and the OECD
    Many EU directives and some proposals
    Tax case law from many jurisdictions and from the EU
    IFA Cahiers from 1980 to the current issue
    5 online tax journals
    Explanations of over 3000 taxation terms in a glossary


Both simple search and advanced search are available from the welcome screen.  Simple search allows you to search all the subscribed content by word or phrase.  Advanced search offers you searching by full text or by title, with a choice of Boolean operators (and, or, not)

    By selecting an individual country or practice area or special topic
    By browsing each section on the platform
    By choosing comparison tools and tables to aid comparative research between two countries: use the tools tab for comparisons
    By viewing the latest news and updates on the platform

Printing and Saving

Documents found in IBFD can generally be printed or saved to disk.

Tables of VAT information can be displayed or saved in Excel, if needed.