Legal Classics

Legal Classics is a collection of thousands of digitised law treatises, forming part of the HeinOnline database.


Onsite access through IALS Library’s HeinOnline account is available at IALS, other SAS locations, Senate House Library and University of London law departments.
Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students, University of London law staff and students holding a current IALS Library card or SAScard. Remote access via Athens or Shibboleth is arranged by each University of London law department and ULIP for their registered law staff and students.


The Legal Classics library on HeinOnline brings together more than 12,000 classic treatises on the law and a number of less well-known, but rare titles. More than half were published in the twentieth century and over 4,000 in the nineteenth century; the earliest titles date from the 1500s.

The collection features works by William Blackstone, Edward Coke, Joseph Story, Jeremy Bentham, William Holdsworth, Henry Maine, Frederick William Maitland, Frederick Pollock and Benjamin N. Cardozo, among many others. It includes an online version of the library of George Wythe, US founding father and America’s first law professor.

The primary focus is English and American law. All the main legal topics are covered, but the largest numbers of books are on constitutional law, constitutional history, civil and criminal procedure, criminal law, courts, lawyers, international law and company/corporation law.


The Legal Classics library can be browsed by title, author, date or subject. 
Two sub-libraries can be browsed separately: the History of Remedies collection, which consists of six titles, and the much larger George Wythe Collection.


Quick and advanced search facilities are provided. Advanced Search allows users to search by book or section title, author, contributor, date and other criteria.

Printing, downloading and emailing

Book sections can be printed, downloaded or emailed using the icons at the top of the page.


The Help menu at the top of the screen includes a User’s Guide, Knowledge Base and Advanced Search Syntax Guide. These apply to the whole HeinOnline service, including Legal Classics.