Lexis®Library  is a database of legal material concerning the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union, international law, Commonwealth countries and other jurisdictions.


On-site access is available to all academic members of IALS library. 

Remote access is only available to IALS fellows, IALS students and IALS academic staff. If you are based elsewhere, you will probably have remote access to Lexis through your own college or university.


United Kingdom

  • Primary and secondary legislation in force.
  • Reported and unreported cases, with a case citator.
  • 120+ full-text journals and an index to more than 500 journals, newsletter and blogs.
  • Encyclopedias and books, including Halsbury's Laws and Bennion on Statutory Interpretation.
  • Current awareness (legal news) and newspapers.

United States

  • Federal and state cases.
  • Federal and state legislation.
  • Over 700 journals (under ‘Analytical materials’).
  • A few hundred books (under ‘Analytical materials’).

European Union

  • EU official publications, including cases, primary legislation (‘The Treaties’), secondary legislation (directives, regulations, etc.), COM documents and international agreements.


  • Australian cases, including state/territory cases; more than 10 Australian journals.
  • Canadian cases and legislation (federal and provincial); about 20 Canadian journals.
  • Malaysian legislation and the Malayan Law Journal (which includes cases) .
  • New Zealand cases, the New Zeland Law Journal and the encylopedia, Laws of New Zealand.
  • South African cases and legislation (found under ‘United States’ at the time of writing).

Other jurisdictions

  • Lexis also includes cases from Hong Kong, plus the encyclopedia, Laws of Hong Kong.


As at Spring 2019,most of the international law content is located under “United States”.

  • Decisions of international courts and tribunals including the WTO and International Court of Justice.
  • Journals.
  • Treaties.



To find a specific case, journal article or item of legislation, use ‘Find a Title’, on the home page.

To find a specific publication, e.g. Tax Journal, use  ‘Find a Source’ on the home page.

For detailed research, select a collection (e.g. Cases) at the top of the screen and use the tailored search facilitiies on the collection page.

European Union

Open the Sources tab and select ‘Browse sources’ then set ‘Filter by Country’ to ‘European/European Union’. Select a source, then tick OK-Continue and a search page will appear.

Shortcut: enter the name of the collection you are looking for, e.g. EU Cases, or EU Legislation,  in ‘Find a Source’on the Lexis homepage. Tick the required source, then click on ‘OK-Continue’.

Foreign and international

A new platform for foreign and international material was introduced in 2019 and is still under development. 

Open the Sources tab and select ‘International Content’.  Use the drop-down menu next to the search box (click on the downward-pointing arrow) to select a collection, e.g. Canada: Legislation

To search for a particular publication, e.g. Harvard Law Review, select the jurisdiction in which it was published (e.g. United States), then click on the title in the index, or find it using ‘Search for a source’. Select the publication, then enter search terms in ‘Search within this source’, on the right.


Select a collection (e.g. Journals, or Cases), then click on ‘Browse’ on the left-hand side of the page. This will display an alphabetical list of all the titles in the collection.  

The Sources directory has an alphabetical list of all UK titles. It also has a ‘Browse Sources’ section, which is arranged by type of material: cases, journals, legislation and so on. 

Printing, emailing and downloading

When you have found the document you want, Print, Email and Save/Download icons will appear towards the top of the page.

In the main part of Lexis Library (not the International Content section), you can also print, email or save from the search results page. Tick the required items in the results list, then click Print/Email/Save.