Lexis®Library, formerly LexisNexis Butterworths, is a database of legal materials concerning the United Kingdom, the United States, the European Union, international law, Commonwealth countries and other jurisdictions.


Lexis is available onsite to all academic members of the Library.  Remote access is only available to academic members who are based at IALS; staff and students of other colleges and institutes may have remote access through their college or institute library.


United Kingdom

  • Primary and secondary legislation in force; cases, including The Law Reports, the All England Law Reports, a database of unreported cases and a case citator;
  • over 50 journals (selected articles only from some titles);
  • Halsbury's Laws and other commentary; current awareness; newspapers.

United States

  • Very substantial coverage of both federal and state materials, including cases, legislation, treaties, journals and commentary.

European Union

  • Cases, primary legislation (the Treaties), secondary legislation, COM documents, parliamentary questions, international agreements.


  • Australian cases (federal and state) and journals;
  • Canadian cases and legislation (federal and provincial), plus journals;
  • Malaysian legislation and the Malayan Law Journal (which includes cases) ;
  • New Zealand cases, commentary and digests;
  • South African cases and legislation.


  • Decisions of international bodies such as the WTO and International Court of Justice; journals; treaties; ASIL's International Legal Materials.

Other jurisdictions

  • Some materials from other jurisdictions, including France, Germany (substantial content), Hong Kong and Ireland.



To find a specific case, journal article or item of legislation, use "Quick Find", on the home page.
To access a specific source, e.g. Tax Journal, use the "Find a Source" box on the home page.
For advanced search screens, use the beige buttons at the top of the screen: "Cases", "Legislation" etc.  
To search all types of materials in a specific area of law, use the Practice Areas tab.


Cases: use beige Cases button at top of screen, then click on "International cases"
Legislation, COM documents etc.: use beige Legislation button, click on "International legislation", select from drop-down Sources menu as required.

Foreign and international

To browse by jurisdiction, click on Sources tab (top of screen) and choose "Browse Sources"; select a jurisdiction.  Choose a source, then click the red "OK-Continue" button to search.
To access a known source, e.g. International Legal Materials, use "Find a Source" on the home page.
Shortcut to US cases: use beige Cases button, click on "International cases", then select from drop-down Sources menu.

TIP: when "Home" button not showing, click on "Lexis Library" (top left) to return to home page


Printing, emailing and downloading

When you have found the document you want, or displayed a list of search results, Print, Email and Save icons will appear towards the top of the screen, on the right.  Click on the appropriate icon, then select the desired options. Under "Document View" you can choose to have the full text of each document, a list of citations, or a list of citations with extracts from each document.


Help pages are available from the "Help" link towards the top right-hand corner. On search screens, you can click on "Search tips" for information about search connectors and commands.

Lexis also provides short training videos and other information on its LexisNexis Academy website.