LexisNexis JurisClasseur

This service offers a comprehensive collection of databases pertaining to the law of France. It is published by LexisNexis SA in Paris. The service is available to academic users onsite at IALS Library and to authorised users offsite.  The content and the interface are in French.


The content includes primary and secondary material:


  • Législation consolidée (from 1539) including almost all Codes and many international agreements
  • Journal Officiel , full text since 1990.  Legislation for the European Union is also available.


  • Case law includes the full text of decisions of the Cour de Cassation, the Conseil d'Etat and various Cours d'Appel. Coverage is selective for some of the appeal courts and tribunals. Coverage begins with decisions from 1804, with a more comprehensive treatment since 1985. Many decisions are in summary form.


  • JurisClasseur A major encyclopaedic work on the law of France, in full text, arranged by subject in 57 subject areas, e.g. administrative, banking, civil code, divorce, etc. Users can search or browse all subjects or select just one.


  • Over 20 journal titles in full text, coverage starting with 2004, but some of the titles of La Semaine Juridique are from 1995 onwards.


  • A file of legal news, Dépêches JurisClasseur , which begins with 2004 and is updated daily.


  • An index and abstract of scholarly journal articles on the law of France, from over 100 journals, with coverage from 1970.

Parlement Questions

  • posed in the Assemblée Nationale and the Sénat, with answers.


  • Ministerial and administrative bulletins.

Recherches: how to search

Search templates are available for all the above databases, to search by word or phrase. Boolean searching is possible using the operators ET and OU and the proximity operator s/n (situé à n mots). Users can display help screens with tips on how to search. Truncation of words is possible using the "!" e.g. constitution! Online démonstrations offer quick introductory tutorials to get users started and offer a general overview, hints on searching, hints on choosing different sources or combinations of sources, and what to do with search results. A general search template is available to search across all databases or a selection of databases, with the option to restrict searching by date.

Parcourir: how to browse

Users can choose the "Répertoire des Sources" tab to explore the directories of different databases, and to get useful background information on the scope, content, structure and coverage of each collection or directory.  The full list of sources can be displayed by type (legislation, jurisprudence, etc.) or by subject matter.  Useful sample documents are displayed in each information file.


Academic library users onsite + authorised users offsite.