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LLMC Digital is a database of full-text legal and law-related publications, principally from the US. It is provided by LLMC, a non-profit-making consortium of libraries.


Onsite access through the IALS account is available in IALS, SAS libraries, SHL and University of London law departments.

Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students, University of London law staff and postgraduate students (including LLM students) and academic members of IALS Library and UoL members of Senate House Library, via a current IALS Library card, SAScard or SHLcard as applicable. (See Offsite Access to IALS Electronic Resources)


LLMC Digital includes books, journals, law reports, legislation, government publications and other materials. Much of the content dates from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but coverage varies from title to title.

  • United States Both federal and state materials are covered, including the US Supreme Court Reports, Official Edition (1790-1996), the US Code (1925-1990s) and the first series of West's regional Reporters (1880s-1925). N.B. Some US content, including the regional reporters, is in the Anglo-American Collection.
  • UK The English Reports (1378-1865) and individual series of nominate reports, in the Foreign Jurisdictions Collection under United Kingdom; a few UK official publications about other countries in the same collection, but under the names of the respective countries; treatises on military law and the British Empire under Multi-Jurisdictional Subject Collections.
  • Canada Both federal and state materials, including legislation, law reports and several constitutional treatises.
  • Other jurisdictions Various titles relating to many African, Caribbean, Commonwealth, European and Latin American countries. For example see: Digital Library of the Caribbean.
  • International law and organizations Including: Arbitrations, Conventions, Treatises and International Organizations such as Maritime Law Association, Permanent Court of International Justice.
  • Special focus collections Including: comparative law, legal bibliography, legal philiosophy.


If you have a specific reference, select the required title, volume/issue and page numbers under Title Volume Page search on the Collections home page.

To do a key word search, click on Search, towards the top of the screen. Basic search allows you to look for up to three words or phrases; for more advanced options, choose Boolean or Proximity. For each type of search, select the required collection/s using the check-boxes.

To browse the collections, use the contents list on the Collections home page. Note that unless a title is marked "Available Online", only bibliographic information will be available, not the full text.

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Basic tips are available on most of the search screens; clicking on "more tips" brings up an information box at the bottom - scroll down to see it. For more detailed guidance, select the Help tab towards the top of the screen