Sabinet Online

Our subscription to Sabinet: African Journals covers two collections: ‘Law’ and ‘Juta’s Law Journals’. Most, but not all, of the journals are South African.


Sabinet is available on-site and off-site to all academic members of IALS Library. 
Select Sabinet from the Law Databases page, then choose ‘Law Collection’ or ‘Juta’s Law Journals’. You can then search both collections at once, or switch between the two using the Collections menu:-

Image of Sabinet menu


Each Sabinet journal is also individually listed on the Library Catalogue.


  • ‘Law’: about thirty law and law-related journals, including SA Public Law, the Constitutional Court Review and the Journal for Juridical Science; some are open-access titles.
  • ‘Juta’s Law Journals’: about fifteen law and law-related journals published by Juta, including the South African Law Journal, Journal of South African Law and Journal of Comparative Law in Africa


The search facilities default to covering all Sabinet content, whether or not it is covered by IALS Library’s subscription. You will only be able to read or download the article if it is marked ‘Full access’ or ‘Open access’. 

Advanced Search can be limited to one or more particular collections, or to full access / open access content. 

To browse by journal title, select a collection: ‘Law’ or ‘Juta’s Law Journals’. You can switch between the two using the Collections menu.

Printing, saving and emailing

To print or save, open the PDF, then click on  ‘…’ and choose ‘Print document’,  or use the ‘Download’ (down arrow) button.

To email articles from the search results list, select them using the check boxes, then scroll up to ‘FOR SELECTED ITEMS’ and choose ‘Email/Recommend’. 

Image of Sabinet selection menu

To email an article from its main page, use the Share icon: 

Image of Sabinet share


The Help menu offers a user guide, FAQs and other information.