SCC Online

SCC Online is a database of Indian cases and legislation, bills, bilateral treaties and other Indian material, together with cases from other Asian jurisdictions, Africa and elsewhere.


SCC Online is available at IALS Library to all readers; remote access is available to students and academics with current IALS Library cards.

To access the database on-site, enter the IALS Library email address, then click on the ‘Sign In’ button, as shown below:

SCC Online Login box, showing IALS email address (

To access the database remotely, enter your family name as your ID and the barcode number from your IALS Library card as your password (the usual off-site login procedure), then enter the email address, as shown above, and click 'Sign In'.

The SCC Online subscription covers one user at a time; if someone else is already logged in, please try again later.


Indian cases (1779 to present)

  • Supreme Court of India; Indian High Courts; specialised commissions and tribunals; Privy Council; Federal Court of India; other courts.

Other cases (dates vary)

  • Cases from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, other Asian jurisdictions, several African jurisdictions and elsewhere.

Indian legislation

  • Central (Federal) Statutes; rules and regulations; circulars, notifications and instructions; bills from the Parliament of India.

Other material

  • Debates of the Constituent Assembly (which drafted the Constitution of India); articles from about twenty journals, mostly Indian; bilateral treaties involving India; reports of the Law Commission of India and various Indian official committees; historical trials.

For full details, see the SCC Online Data Coverage page. (Note that IALS has a Platinum subscription, which means that foreign and international content is covered as well as Indian material).


The basic search facility, on the home page, searches the full text of all documents. Advanced Search options may be used as well, to limit the search by date and/or to restrict the search to party names, citations, case summaries, or catch-words (a catch-words search will find all types of document, not just cases).

There are also dedicated search pages for cases, legislation and ‘Secondary Materials’ (on SCC Online, this means treaties, Constituent Assembly Debates, official reports and historical trials).

To find journal articles, use the basic and advanced search facilities on the home page.

To filter your search results, position the cursor over one of the document types listed at the left-hand side (such as 'Foreign Cases'), then click on ‘only’ to show this document type only. To refine your search, use ‘Search within results’, top-left.

Printing, Saving and Emailing

You can print, save or email a document using the icons on the toolbar. You may have to allow pop-ups for this to work.


For help, click on the question mark at the top of the screen. At this point you can either select ‘Quick Help’, for context-based tips, or open the SCC Online User Manual.