Statutes of the Realm


Access to this online collection is available on-site to IALS Library users, and offsite to law teachers and law postgraduate students of the University of London.  The Statutes of the Realm are presented in Hein in close proximity to the English Reports.  From the Hein welcome screen, scroll down on the left-hand side and click on the English Reports, then choose Statutes of the Realm.


The Statutes of the Realm were originally published between 1810 and 1825, as an authoritative collection of the statutes from 1235 to 1713.  Hein Online presents the 11 volumes, of which volume 10 is an alphabetical index and volume 11 is a chronological index.  Chronological tables and alphabetical indexes are also available in each separate volume.  The Statutes of the Realm were compiled in pursuance of an Address of the House of Commons of Great Britain of 11 July 1800, respecting the public records.  Some of the earlier statutes are in Latin or Norman French.  Volumes follow the date of the statutes:

1   1235-1377
2   1377-1504
3   1509-1545
4   1547-1624
5   1625-1680
6   1685-1694
7   1695-1701
8   1702-1707
9   1708-1713
10  Alphabetical index
11 Chronological index

Browsing and Searching

If you know the year or century of the Act you need, choose the relevant volume from the contents list in Hein, and look up the Act by name or topic in the alphabetical index to the volume, or by year in the chronological index.  If you are unsure of the date, try looking up the Act by name or topic in volume 10.  Using the work's own indexes works best.  If you use the Hein search engine to search by word or phrase, be aware that Hein presents the Statutes of the Realm in very close proximity to the English Reports, and the results of your search will contains hits from the English Reports as well!

Printing / Downloading

First, display in full text the document you would like to print or download.  Make a note of the start page and end page.  Choose the printer icon from the top right of your document (it may be necessary to use the vertical and horizontal scroll bars to find it).  Choose "custom page range" and enter the start and end pages of your requirements.  Then you can either print the resulting PDF or you can save it