UK Statutory Instruments

The UK Statutory Instruments database is part of the JustisOne service. It consists of the original texts of UK statutory instruments, statutory rules and orders, with lists of amendments.


UK Statutory Instruments is available onsite at IALS to all members of the Library. Remote access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students, other academic members of the Library and academic members of Senate House Library (see Offsite Access to IALS Electronic Resources) .

When logging in, you will come to a JustisOne Sign In screen saying "You have been automatically authenticated". There is no need to enter an ID and password here - just click on the Continue button.


UK Statutory Instruments provides the original texts of statutory instruments (known until 1948 as statutory rules and orders), together with lists of amendments. The precise coverage is:

  • All SIs from 1987 onwards, including local SIs
  • All SIs published in the annual official printed volumes from 1949 to 1986 (i.e. not local SIs)
  • Statutory rules and orders and SIs from earlier dates if they were still in force in 1948; these are the contents of the official printed set, Statutory Rules & Orders and Statutory Instruments Revised to December 31 1948; local SIs are not included.

The database includes Northern Ireland orders, Scottish and Welsh Statutory Instruments and recent draft SIs for England and Wales.

It does not include Northern Ireland statutory rules, nor unpublished local SIs.


The JustisOne home page offers a Quick search facility which searches across all the JustisOne databases to which IALS subscribes, not just UK Statutory Instruments. Suggestions and tips are available on this screen.

For a detailed search template, click on Legislation.  The default is to search both acts and SIs. Tto restrict your search to SIs, Click on Data Sources and deselect the acts.  For search suggestions and help, click on the i buttons.


You can browse UK SIs by year and title.  Click on the Index and Contents button towards the top right-hand side of the screen, then use the + signs to open the list of SIs by year.  Tick the year you require, then click on Show Results at the top of the screen.

Viewing results

On the results screen, you can scroll through a brief display of all the results, or choose particular documents to display in full. Click on one of the column headings, e.g. Title and Subject, to sort the results

The search can be narrowed down further by entering additional search terms in the Filter Results Profiles box, on the results screen.


User guides, technical information and so on are available from any screen if you click on "Help and Information".

On the detailed search screen, i buttons provide examples and contextual help.

Printing, emailing and downloading

When you have run a search or displayed a full-text document, buttons for printing, emailing and downloading will appear towards the top of the screen