United Nations Law Collection

HeinOnline’s United Nations Law Collection consists of law-related publications from the UN,  including yearbooks, conference reports, the United Nations Treaty Series, the League of Nations Treaty Series, publications of the International Court of Justice and UNCITRAL materials. Some of the content pre-dates even the League of Nations, for example Hertslet's Map of Europe by Treaty (1875).

Approximately one hundred titles are available at the time of writing, both series and monographs, with more to come in future releases.


Onsite access through the IALS account is available in IALS, SAS, SHL and University of London law departments.

Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students, University of London law staff and students (including LLM students) via a current IALS Library card or SAScard.  Remote access via Athens/Shibboleth is arranged by each University of London law department and ULIP for their registered law staff and students.


The Collection is arranged under the following headings:

Treaty Related Publications

Codification and Progressive Development of International Law

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL)

United Nations Administrative Tribunal (UNAT)


Other Works Related to the United Nations

Under each heading, the available publications are listed alphabetically. Click on a title to browse its contents.


The search facilities are towards the top of the UN Collection homepage, under the heading Finding Aids.

You can search for a treaty by citation or popular name. Wider search options are available under Search for a Treaty.

For non-treaty materials, choose Search all United Nations Publications.

Printing / Downloading

Once you have the document you need, click on the print icon which appears above it.  You can then choose either to print or to download.