vLex Justis


VLexJustis is available on site to all members of IALS Library.  

Remote access is restricted to academic members of the library. 


IALS Library's subscription to vLexJustis covers UK legislation and UK judgment transcripts; Caribbean judgment transcripts; and law reports from Bermuda, the Cayman Islands, Ireland, Jersey, Scotland, and Singapore. A case citator is also available.  There is some free content, such as blogs and news. 

UK Legislation 

Public and general acts from 1235 onwards, and Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish acts and measures, all as originally passed, with lists of amendments; local acts 1797 onwards. 

UK statutory instruments (SIs), including Northern Ireland orders, 1949 onwards, as originally made, plus those earlier instruments that were still in force at the end of 1948; Scottish statutory instruments (SSIs) and Welsh statutory instruments are also available. 

UK cases 

A very large collection of transcripts, with a case citator. Covers the House of Lords / Supreme Court, Privy Council, Court of Appeal (Civil Division), Court of Appeal (Criminal Division), High Court, and Court of Session.  
The UK case content also includes the leading Scottish report, Session Cases

VLex offers links to Lexis and Westlaw for reported cases, from the ‘Citations and Sources’ tab for each case (to link to Westlaw, select ‘New Westlaw UK’). 

Caribbean cases (under ‘Central America and Caribbean’) 

Cases from the Caribbean Court of Justice, Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Christopher & Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Trinidad & Tobago, and Turks & Caicos. Consists mostly of transcripts, but also includes the Cayman Islands Law Reports and the Bermuda Law Reports

Appeals to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council are on vLex under ‘UK Non-devolved'.  

Irish Reports and Digests 

The Irish Reports, the leading law report for Ireland, and the Irish Digest (under ‘Irish Reports (Digests)’), covering cases from 1808 onwards. Both titles are published by the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for Ireland.   


Jersey Law Reports from 1969 onwards, and unreported cases from the Royal Court and appellate courts.  


Bermuda Law Reports, the official reports for Bermuda, and unreported cases from Bermuda.  

Cayman Islands  

Cayman Islands Law Reports, the official reports for the Cayman Islands, and unreported cases from the Cayman Islands. 

Singapore Law Reports (Reissue) 

The Singapore Law Reports: Reissue covers all cases of legal significance from the higher courts of Singapore, 1965 onwards.  


Basic search 

There is a drop-down menu for selecting a jurisdiction. 
Connectors must be in capitals, for example:   

medical OR clinical    
arbitration AND evidence 

Put phrases in double quotation marks: 

“police and criminal evidence act” 
(More information: https://kb.vlex.com/en/knowledge-base/search-operators/

Advanced Search  

There are dedicated tabs for searching cases and legislation. (IALS Library’s subscription does not cover other types of material.) 

Enter search terms in the boxes marked ‘All the words’, ‘Any word’, and so on.  
Scroll down to ‘Filters’ to search by title and/or other criteria. On the Legislation tab, use the ‘Reference’ filter to search by SI number. 


UK legislation can be browsed by jurisdiction and UK cases can be browsed by court or category (meaning area of law). 

To browse material from other jurisdictions, select ‘All jurisdictions’.  

Viewing results 

Search results can be sorted by relevance, date, 'most cited’ or ‘most visited’. 
Filter results by material type using the options on the left.  


Help is available via a link on the left-hand side of the screen.  

Downloading and printing 

Download or print a document by clicking on the icons at the top of the screen.