Westlaw UK

Included in the Encore catalogue

Westlaw UK is on online service providing legal material relating to the the UK and the European Union. 

The new Westlaw UK homepage has five tabs: Cases, Legislation, Journals, Current Awareness and More (containing EU material and other content). 

The Books collections is separate from the rest of Westlaw UK. It is accessed via this button next to the Westlaw logo:

(Other jurisdictions, including Canada, Australia and the United States, are covered by Westlaw International Materials: see separate link from the Electronic Law Library, or switch to International Materials using Westlaw UK’s ‘Region’ menu.)


Westlaw UK is available onsite to all academic members of the Library.
Remote access is only available to IALS staff, IALS fellows and IALS students (using Shibboleth, with same ID and password as for StudyOnline / the IALS computer network).  Other library members should check with their own college or university library about remote access to Westlaw. 

A new, redesigned version of Westlaw UK was introduced in 2019.

Content overview

United Kingdom

  • Legislation: primary and secondary legislation, as amended, from all parts of the UK.
  • Cases:  UK cases, including The Law Reports, with a case citator;  several European law reports, notably the Common Market Law Reports and European Human Rights Reports.
  • Journals: more than 100 full-text law journals and abstracts from 1,000 law journals. Most of the journals are published in the UK, but they cover UK, European, international and comparative law. 
  • Current Awareness: legal news from the UK, EU, UN, et cetera.
  • Books collection: more than 300 law books, most of which are published by Sweet and Maxwell; access to the books is via the Viewing menu.

European Union

To access the EU collection, click on the ‘More’ tab.  The collection includes:

  • The EU Treaties and EU secondary legislation (directives, regulations, decisions and so on)
  • EU cases
  • EU international agreementsCOM documents other EU official publications
  • selected European law journals, including the European Law Review


There is a basic search facility on the Westlaw UK home page. Advanced search facilities are available on the Cases, Journals and Legislation tabs.

The EU collection has its own basic and advanced search facilities.


Cases tab: select ‘Law Reports’ to browse the list of available law reports.

Journals tab: click on ‘Publications’ to browse the list of journals (select ‘full-text only’ if required).

Legislation tab: select ‘Primary and Secondary’ to browse by jurisdiction (UK, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland) and type of legislation.

Printing, saving and emailing

To save, click on the down-arrow icon.

To print, click on the printer icon.

To email, click on the envelope icon.


A collection of User Guides is available on Westlaw UK, at the bottom of the page.