Zetoc is a database of the table of contents of journals and conference proceedings held by the British Library.  Its purpose is to enable researchers to keep up-to-date with new scholarship in their area of interest.  (Summaries and full text are not available from Zetoc).


Zetoc is available to all Library users onsite at IALS.  Offsite access is available to  Senate House Library card holders; other academic researchers may have offsite access via their home institution, using Athens authentication.


Zetoc presents table of contents details of current journals and conference proceedings from the British Library.  A multidisciplinary database, it covers more than 28,000 journals, including about 900 law journals.

Zetoc is updated every day. Users may set up RSS feeds or email alerts to find out about new articles or conference papers in their area of research.


There are three ways of searching:

  • for journal articles: you can search by title, author, journal title
  • for conference papers: you can search by paper title or by conference title
  • or for both articles and conference papers: you can search by title, author, year

Subject headings or descriptors are not included in the database, so if you want to search by subject, you need to search for words or phrases.

For browsing, you can view a list of journals A-Z, or a list of titles by subject, e.g. law, journalism, economics, etc.

You can download or e-mail your search results, or a selection of the results. Help files and FAQs are available. There are options to sign up for e-mail alerts or RSS feeds.