Borrowing, renewing and returning

Borrowing Rights

This guide covers the following topics:

  • Borrowing rights: Explanation of the different types of library membership and loan entitlement
  • Book renewals: How to renew your library books offsite and an explanation of the circumstances in which renewal is not possible.

Book Renewals

  • Short Loan Books: You will usually be able to renew these books (unless someone else has placed a booking) but you must come to the library Enquiries Desk to do this. It is essential that you bring the book with you. Renewal is never guaranteed. Offsite renewals are not available for these books.
  • Normal Loan Books (including books from the depository): You will be able to renew these books Offsite up to three times as long as no other reader has placed a hold. To do this, you will need a your library card with your name and barcode. After three offsite renewals, you can usually have the book reissued to you at the Enquiries Desk .

Books can be renewed offsite from the following web page:

It is also possible to telephone the library on 020 7862 5834 during opening hours.

Please note the following points:

It is advisable to renew the book early on the day on which it is due. If the renewal is not possible, you will be expected to return the book by the original due date and time.

You may only renew the books offsite up to three times . You will then be required to bring the book back for further re-issue. If you visit the library to renew your book but do not have the book with you, this will count as an Offsite renewal.

If the system fails to renew your book, this may be because another reader has reserved it, you have already had three offsite renewals, or you have a fine of £3.00 or more on your record.

Card payment can be taken for outstanding fines during library opening hours if required. This may allow you a further offsite renewal.

Self Issue

To help speed up the issuing and returning of books, IALS Library offers a Self-issue service for all readers with IALS Library borrowing cards.

The Self-issue machine is located next to the Enquiries Desk on the 2nd floor of the Library.

Please ask at the Enquiries Desk if you need help with using this service. Readers can continue to borrow and return their books at the Enquiries Desk if they prefer.

Choosing a book to borrow



Page last updated: 12th October 2021