Use of Personal Laptop Computers

Visitors are welcome to bring personal laptop computers to use in the library at their own risk. Power and data sockets are located beside most tables and in the study carrels on 2nd and 3rd floors for suitably configured and virus-protected equipment. Ethernet cables may be borrowed from the Library Enquiry Desk, 2nd floor.

WIALS - a Wireless Internet access service is also freely available at IALS.

The service is available:

  • on all floors of the Library
  • In Cafe Lex on Floor L1
  • In the seminar rooms and Lecture Theatre on Floor L1
  • In the public areas and meeting rooms on the ground floor
  • In the IALS research student room on the 5th floor

Library members are able to login to the WiFi Internet service using the barcode and family name from their Library card. Short term visitors are able to login using the barcode and family name from their Temporary Library card.


Page last updated: 15th December 2020