Transaction Charges

We charge for each photocopied document supplied. Our charges consist of a flat, "all-inclusive" fee per service type:

  • irrespective of method of delivery
  • irrespective of destination
  • and inclusive of any copyright fee payable

Document Supply Service Charges

Standard Service : £30.00 per item

Order before 12 noon, dispatched later the same day*

Express Service : £43.60 per item

Dispatched in under 60 minutes

An item =

  • A single law report
  • A single journal article
  • 1 chapter or part chapter from a book
  • A single piece of original legislation

It is at the discretion of the Library to determine the charge for any material not included in the above list. 

The Library reserves the right to charge higher prices for certain items where necessary to reasonably cover costs. For example, journal articles and legislation over 100 pages will be charged as one item per 50 pages.

Items will normally be dispatched by email to CLA licence holders. Dispatch by fax, courier or post available on request.

Transaction charges are billed at the beginning of the following month and exclude VAT where applicable.

Discounted Rates

The new 10% discounted rate on orders that are placed for judicial proceedings (including arbitrations) or a non-commercial purpose is:

  • Standard: £19.62 per item
  • Express: £39.24 per item

These orders must be accompanied by the appropriate copyright declaration. Please complete and sign a copyright declaration form to take advantage of the reduced rate.

* It is not possible to give an exact time as this depends on our current workload which can change at any time. Standard Service orders received before 12 noon will be dispatched later the same day and, in any event, before close of business. Standard Service orders received after 12 noon will be dispatched the next working day.

Important copyright update:

The Copyright Licensing Agency has amended IALS’s Document Delivery License so that from 1st October 2016, IALS will only be able to send PDF items over email to firms that have:

If you do not have a CLA Law License or a CLA Multinational Law License and you have not submitted a judicial proceedings or non-commercial purposes form with your order then we can send items using one of the following methods:

  • Fax
  • Post
  • Courier
  • Collect at IALS

Further information about the CLA License is available on the CLA website:

The Service is very pleased to have been honoured by a Customer Initiative Award from the British and Irish Association of Law Librarians.

Picture of BIALL Customer Relations Initiative Award

Page last updated: 23rd August 2022