Inter-Library Loans Service

The Library participates in the British Library Document Supply Service and handles requests for loans and photocopies of items. Consult the Library Catalogue and List of Serials or call the Library Enquiries answerphone service to check on specific material held at the Institute Library. Please note that the IALS library is mainly a Reference library. It is not possible to lend books from our open shelves but we may be able to lend an older book or a previous edition of a book. These can be identified on the catalogue by their Depository classmarks eg. Depository 25671. We do not lend volumes of Law Reports, Legislation, or Journals

Please note that all book loans will be sent to you by recorded delivery to protect our books in the post. It is a condition of the loan that our books must also be returned to us by recorded delivery. The books loaned may only be used within your library.

Please note that IALS can only satisfy ILL requests from academic and public libraries or government departments.

Information for Inter-Library Loan Departments

Please supply a request number, together with your British Library Billing Account number. IALS has adopted the charges recommended by the British Library. These are currently £10.65 for a scan and £17.15 for a book loan (effective from 01 August 2022). We will usually inform you in advance if the charge will be higher for any reason. E mail requests should be sent to

IALS will normally supply the document within a few days or contact you if we are unable to assist you for any reason. Please contact IALS again if you do not receive any response within 1-2 weeks. Please note that IALS is mainly a reference library and does not loan out current editions of books on Inter-Library Loan. It may be possible to loan you a previous edition or to supply a photocopy of one chapter or 5% of the book.

Information for Individual Students or Tutors

Please approach your local college or university library inter-library loans department with details of your request. They will submit a British Library request on your behalf directly to IALS. A charge may be made by your library. Please refer also to the Document Delivery Services for Researchers as an alternative method of obtaining a copy from IALS.

If the item is held and available at the IALS Library, a photocopy of the relevant article or chapter will be supplied at the earliest opportunity. Please observe that all requests are handled subject to copyright regulations.

Commercial organisations should refer to our Information Services for Practitioners.

Page last updated: 1st August 2022