Offsite Access to Databases at IALS and UL Colleges

Currently IALS library offers offsite access to University of London staff and internal students to the following databases:

  • Beck Online (German Legal Research database)
  • Foreign law guide (Reynolds and Flores)
  • HeinOnline (database of full-text legal journals) including:
    • English Reports
    • Foreign and International Law Resources database
    • Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals
    • World Trials
  • IBFD Online (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation database)
  • i-Law: Maritime Law Resources (Maritime and Commercial law modules from Informa)
  • Justis including:
    • Celex (European Union database)
    • EU Official Journal C Series
    • UK Statutes (for original versions of UK statutes)
    • UK Statutory Instruments
  • LLMC Digital   

IALS A-Z List of titles with remote access available to UoL Member Institution Law staff and Internal LLM students.

A full list of all of the electronic legal resources available at IALS and further details on how to access the titles above offsite are available on the IALS electronic law library.

Journal titles are not listed individually in the electronic law library. You should search the library catalogue for the journal title which you are interested in; there will be a link to an electronic version if available with an indication if offsite access is available to University of London staff and students. For further information on finding journal articles in the library see our online guide to finding journal articles in the library .

Services for University of London International Academy external programme students are provided by the Senate House Library Online Library

University of London Member Institution Offsite Access

In many cases the Member Institutions of the University of London running an LLM programme offer their own registered staff and students offsite access to some of the legal databases and electronic journals to which they subscribe, in particular to Lexis and Westlaw databases, often using Athens passwords and more recently UK Access Management Federation / Shibboleth. To find out more detailed information about which databases can be accessed click on the link below for the relevant institution or speak to the law librarian at your college of registration.

Page last updated: 21st March 2018