The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies is pleased to announce that the annual WG Hart Workshop will be held on 11 and 12 June 2025, in person at Charles Clore House in London.

The topic for the 2025 Hart Workshop is Regulating the Global Movement of Care. The Workshop will seek to consider the role of law in managing the global movement of care, broadly defined to include healthcare, social care, domestic care, and unpaid care. Immigrant labour has long been the bedrock of the care systems of many countries in the world and law is intimately involved in ordering the movement of care and care workers.  The Workshop invites participants to explore the numerous distinct involvements of the law in this process of movement, such as by creating precarity through the imposition of stringent immigration or regulatory requirements, by providing migrant carers and their supporters with a tool to fight oppression, or by defining relationships between migrant carers and their broader kinship networks. The Workshop will be organised around four themes – precarity, advocacy, protection, and kinship networks – and will provide an opportunity to explore the legal regulation of care through the lens of a variety of disciplines, including history, anthropology, politics, sociology, criminology, and creative arts.

The 2025 Hart Workshop will feature two invited plenary speakers – Professor Majella Kilkey (University of Sheffield) and Professor Eram Alam (Harvard University). There will also be a lived experiences panel, featuring care workers and individuals and organisations that support them, and a creative arts panel, featuring Dr Ella Parry-Davies (King’s College London) and her collaborators on research in performance as method with migrant domestic workers.

The organisers of the 2025 Hart Workshop are Priyasha Saksena (University of Leeds), Adrienne Yong (City, University of London), Amanda Spalding (University of Leeds), Amrita Limbu (University of Leeds), and Marie-Andrée Jacob (University of Leeds). The call for papers will be published in autumn 2024.

The WG Hart Legal Workshop is a major annual legal research event organised and hosted by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies. Over the years this eponymous workshop series, subsidised by funds from the WG Hart Bequest, has focused on a wide range of comparative and international legal issues and topical interests. Further information on WG Hart can be found at: