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Dr Constantin Stefanou

IALS Taught Programmes Director and Director of the Sir William Dale Centre for Legislative Studies

B.A. (NEC) (Summa Cum Laude); M.A. (Essex); M.Phil. (Essex); Ph.D. (Kent)

IALS - 5th Floor

Tel: +020 7862 5861

Research Interests

Legislative Drafting; Legislative Drafting and the Policy Process; Post Legislative Scrutiny, Legislative Process, Legislative Studies, Law and Politics, EU Politics & Law; EU Criminal Law; EU Enlargement.

Additional Information

Over the last 20 years I have had 23 projects (exceeding £3 mil). In addition to the LLM in Drafting Legislation, Regulation and Policy and our annual Professional Legislative Drafting Course I have designed specialised Legislative Drafting and Legislative Scrutiny courses for many countries and organizations. As the Director of the Sir William Dale Centre I lead all the activities of the Centre including the Law Reform Project, our joint programmes with UN Habitat and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, the Law & Language series of annual Conferences and the Legislative Drafting Clinic.

Other Information

Latest Projects:

  • IALS-WFD Post Legislative Scrutiny Course (2021)
  • Introductory Level Law-Making in Parliaments Online Course for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (2020-2021)
  • Myanmar Introductory Level Law-Making in Parliaments Online Course (2020)


Selected Publications

For a comprehensive list of all publications, please see Dr Stefanou's entry in the School of Advanced Study Directory of Experts

Stefanou C. et al (2020) Regulation Impact Assessment Manual, Presidency of the Government General Secretariat for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Athens.

§ Stefanou, C. and Xanthaki. H. (2020) “Legislation in the UK” in U. Karpen and H. Xanthaki (eds) Legislation in Europe A country by country Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners, Hart & Nomos.

§ Stefanou, C. and Xanthaki. H. (2020) “Modern Trends in Drafting and Negotiating Bills” in R. Zbiral (ed) The Cradle of Statutes, Nomos, Baden-Baden.

Stefanou, C. (2016), “Comparative Legislative Drafting: Comparing Across Legal Systems”, European Journal of Law Reform, 2/2016, pp.123-138.

Stefanou, C. (2015), “Is Legislative Drafting a Form of Communication?” in H. Xanthaki (ed) Enhancing Legislative Drafting in the Commonwealth: A Wealth of Innovation, Routledge, London and New York, pp. 4-13.

Constantin Stefanou, Simone White, Helen Xanthaki (2011), OLAF at the Crossroads: Action against EU Fraud, Bloomsbury Professional

Stefanou, C. (2011), "Legislative Drafting as a form of Communication" in L. Mader and M. Travares-Almeida (eds), Quality of Legislation Principles and Instruments, Nomos, Baden-Baden, pp. 308-320.

Stefanou, C. (2011), "Is Legislative Drafting a Form of Communication?", Commonwealth Law Bulletin, Vol.37, No.3, pp.407-416