Research Interests

Francis is collaborating with Dr Rhiannon Markless on a history of arbitration in nineteenth-century England. His research interests include the histories of arbitration, the legal profession and London, as well as local, social and political history. 

Additional Information

Francis worked with Professor Derek Roebuck on the history of arbitration from 2013, initially as a research assistant for Derek’s books The Golden Age of Arbitration: Dispute Resolution Under Elizabeth I (2015) and Arbitration and Mediation in Seventeenth-Century England (2017). Francis is now working on the ‘Access to Justice: History of Arbitration in England and Wales’ project based at IALS.  

Other Information

Director’s Seminar Series: Francis Boorman speaks about the history of arbitration.  


Selected Publications

Francis Calvert Boorman, ‘Theatrical Disputes in Georgian England’, Journal of Legal History (forthcoming 2022). 

Francis Calvert Boorman, ‘Developments in the History of Arbitration: A Past for the Future?’, Amicus Curiae 4.1 (2022) pp.109-128. 

Francis Calvert Boorman, ‘Sporting Arbitrations: 18th-Century Rules for Boxing’, Amicus Curiae 4.1 (2022), pp.282-85. 

Francis Calvert Boorman and Rhiannon Markless, ‘Who Were the Arbitrators in Early Modern England, c.1500–1800?’, in Neil Kaplan and Robert Morgan (eds.), Lawyer, Scholar, Teacher and Activist: a Liber Amicorum in Honour of Derek Roebuck (HOLO Books: Oxford, 2021). 

Derek Roebuck, Francis Calvert Boorman and Rhiannon Markless, English Arbitration and Mediation in the Long Eighteenth Century (HOLO Books: Oxford, 2019).  

Francis Calvert Boorman, ‘Resolving Disputes in 18th-Century England’, Amicus Curiae 1 (2019), pp.97-102. 

Francis Calvert Boorman, ‘Advertising arbitration: the origins of the profession’, Arbitration, 82.2 (2016), pp.118-21. 

Francis Calvert Boorman, ‘Arbitration and elite honour in Elizabethan England: a case study of Bess of Hardwick’, Journal of Dispute Resolution 17 (2016), pp.19-40.