Research Interests

Legislative Drafting, Law-making, Legislative Quality (common law, civil law, EU, comparative)

Additional Information

  • Professor, UCL
  • Dean, Postgraduate Laws Programmes, University of London
  • Visiting Professor, QMUL
  • Member, Committee for Scrutiny of Quality of Legislative Process, General Secretariat for Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Presidency of the Hellenic Government



Recent Selected Publications

Ulrich Karpen, Helen Xanthaki et all, Legislation in Europe: A Country by Country Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners (forthcoming, Hart and Nomos, Oxford) 

Jurate Vaiciukaite and Helen Xanthaki, Better Legislation and the EU (forthcoming, Elgar Publishers, London)

Patricia Popelier, Helen Xanthaki and al, Lawmaking in Multi-level Settings: Legislative Challenges in Federal Systems and the European Union (2019, Nomos-Hart, Oxford and Baden-Baden)

Ulrich Karpen and Helen Xanthaki (eds), Legislation in Europe: A Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners, 2017, Hart Publishers, Oxford)

Reviewed in the European Law Review, Deutsche Verwaltungsblatt, European Review of Public Law, Zeitschift fur Gesetzgebung, LesGez: Legislation and Evaluation, Revista de Legislacao e Jurisprudencia, Theory and Practice of Legislation, Zeitschrift fur Gesetzgebung,  Parlamentiszemle, Diritto e Questioni Publichhe   

Helen Xanthaki, Drafting Legislation: Art and Technology of Rules for Regulation (2014, Hart Publishers, Oxford)

Reviewed in Public Law, Legal Studies, The Loophole, the Statute Law Review, Theory and Practice of Legislation, European Journal of Law Reform, Rassegna Parlamentare, Zeitschift fur Gesetzgebung, LesGez: Legislation and Evaluation; European Journal of Risk Regulation

Helen Xanthaki, (ed) Enhancing Legislative Drafting in the Commonwealth: A Wealth of Innovation (2014, Routledge, London)

Chapters in Books

Recent Selected Publications

Helen Xanthaki, “Legislation as tool for trust in the EU” in Legislation and Citizen Confidence (forthcoming , Hart, Oxford)

Helen Xanthaki and Constantin Stefanou, “Modern trends in drafting and negotiating Bills” in Robert Zbiral, The Cradle of Laws: Drafting and Negotiating Bills within the Executives in Central Europe (2020, Nomos, Baden-Baden), 17-32

Helen Xanthaki and Efstratios Vouros, “Selected case studies: the case study of Greece” in Ivan Sammut and Jelena Agranovska, Implementing and Enforcing EU Criminal Law: Theory and Practice, 101-114

Helen Xanthaki, “Sunset clauses: a contribution to legislative quality” in Sofia Ranchordás and Yaniv Roznai, Time, Law and Change: An Interdisciplinary Study (2020, Hart, Oxford), 219-225

H. Xanthaki, “Gender-inclusive legislative drafting in English: A matter of clarity” in A. Flückiger (ed.), La rédaction administrative et législative inclusive, la francophonie entre impulsions et résistances (2019, Stämpfli, Bern), pp.57-72

Helen Xanthaki, “Legislation in the UK” in Ulrich Karpen and Helen Xanthaki, Legislation in Europe: A Country by Country Handbook for Scholars and Practitioners (forthcoming, Hart and Nomos, Oxford and Bonn)

Helen Xanthaki, “Courts and legislation: Do legislators and judges speak the same language?” in Martin Belov, Courts, Politics and Constitutional Law: Judicialization of Politics and Politicization of the Judiciary (2020, Routledge, London and New York), pp.57-68 

Helen Xanthaki, “Judges v drafters: the saga continues” In Jeffrey Barnes, The Coherence of Statutory Interpretation (2019, The Federation Press, Australia), pp.58-69

Helen Xanthaki, “An ‘Ordinary meaning of words’: is there such a thing?” in Ik-Hyeon Rhee and Wim Voermans, Innovation of Legislative Process (2018, KLRI/IAL, Seoul), pp.123-136 

Helen Xanthaki, “Misconceptions on legislative quality: an enlightened approach to the drafting of legislation” in Daniel Oliver (ed) Conceptions and misconceptions of legislation (2019, Springer, Τhe Hague), pp.23-49 

Helen Xanthaki, in K Gilberg and C Groulier, Former a la legistique: Les nouveaux territoires de la pédagogie juridique (2018, LexisNexis, Paris), pp.81-90 

Helen Xanthaki, “Improving the Quality of EU Legislation: Limits and Opportunities?” in Sasha Garben and Inge Govaere (eds) The Better Regulation Agenda: A Critical Assessment (2018, Hart, Oxford) pp.28-47

Articles in Journals

Helen Xanthaki, “Using Better Regulation as a Methodology for Achieving Better EU Legislation – A First Approach” [2019] ZEI Discussion Paper, ZEI (Centre for European Integration Studies, Bonn University), Radbout University, C256/2019, 7-20

Helen Xanthaki, “Good urban law and how to achieve it” European Journal of Law Reform [2019] forthcoming

Helen Xanthaki, “The limits of legislation as a product” Hukim – The Israeli Journal on Legislation 11 [2018] 153-172

Helen Xanthaki, “An enlightened approach to legislative scrutiny: focusing on effectiveness” European Journal of Risk Regulation [2018] 431-434

Helen Xanthaki, “Good plain legislation at your service: UK leadership in academe and practice” in The Korean Legal Research Institute Journal of Legislation and Evaluation [2016]10:1, pp.19-53 

Helen Xanthaki, “Legislative Drafting e lingua: ipotesi di semplificazione del testo normativo” in [2016] 47 Studi parlamentari e di politica costituzionale, 41-71 (together with Giulia Adriana Pennisi) 

Helen Xanthaki, “Quality of Legislation: Focus on Smart EU and post-Smart Transposition” 2 [2015] TPLeg 329-342

Helen Xanthaki, “EU Legislative quality post-Lisbon: the challenges of Smart Regulation” [2014] 35 Statute Law Review 66-80

Helen Xanthaki, “Legislative drafting: The birth of a new sub-discipline of law”, [2013] 1 IALS Student Review 57-70 

Helen Xanthaki, “Editorial” [2013] 15 European Journal of Law Reform 93-94 (together with Cherie Booth, QC)

Public and International Reports

Helen Xanthaki (2018) Written Evidence, House of Lords’ Select Committee on the EU on “Brexit” 

Helen Xanthaki and al on behalf of the International Association for Legislation (2017) Written Evidence, Irish Law Commission, Issues Paper on Accessibility, Consolidation and Online Publication of Legislation

Helen Xanthaki and al (2016) "Secondary Legislation and Parliamentary Scrutiny" Written Evidence, House of Lords' Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee on Response to the Strathclyde Report and

Helen Xanthaki (2013) "The future of Home Affairs policy under the prism of legislative quality", Consultation DG HOME.

Helen Xanthaki (2013) “Focus on Legislative Drafting” Written Evidence, House of Lords’ Select Committee on the EU, Sub-Committee F (Home Affairs, Health and Education) on ‘The EU’s five year agenda for EU justice and home affairs activity (2015-2019).

Helen Xanthaki (2012) “EU criminal law in the UK”, FIDE Conference, Talinn

Helen Xanthaki, “Implementation of EU legislation” Oral Evidence, Public Hearing at the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament “Better Regulation” Hearing, Brussels, 21 June 2011

Conference Papers

“Emergency legislation in the COVID19 times”, Nova University of Lisbon, 17 June 2020

“The Legislative Side of  Brexit”,  Sixth International Conference on Legislation and Law Reform, Washington, 14-15 November 2019 

“EU legislation as a tool for trust and loyalty to the EU”, The crisis in confidence in legislation, Senato della Reppublica, Rome, 25 October 2019

“Keynote: The language of law reform”, The Language of Law Reform, IALS, 9 July 2019

“EU criminal law through the lens of legislative studies: drafting and transposition trends” in The Future of EU Criminal Law – PIF, University of Malta, 24 June 2019

“Gender diversity and legislative drafting” in Future of Legal Gender Colloquium, KCL, 20 June 2019

“Keynote: AI and legislative drafting” in What do Robots Dream of?, University of Lisbon, Lisbon, 7 June 2019

“Legislative elements of post-legislative scrutiny” in Evaluation of Legislation Conference of the Ereky Public Law Research Center, PKE JÁK - II János Pál terem (Péter Pázmány Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political sciences, Budapest, 3 May 2019

“Keynote - Requirements for effective laws in the 21st century” in LEGISLATURES AND LAWS IN EUROPE - Conference on the “Day of Parliamentarism”, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Centre for Social Sciences, Institute for Legal Studies, Budapest, 2 May 2019

“Keynote - Gender inclusive language in the Anglophone world” in La redaction legislative et administrative inclusive: La francophonie entre impulsion et resistance, CETEL Universite de Geneve, Geneva, 25 January 2019

“Applying Better Regulation to EU Legislation” in EUROPAL Jubilee Seminar: Assessing Better Regulation in the European Union, Radboud University, Nijmegen, 18 December 2018