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Professor Kern Alexander

Senior Research Fellow in Financial Services Law and Regulation

PhD/MPhil/MA University of Cambridge, AB (Honours) Cornell University

Additional Information

Kern Alexander is Professor of Banking Regulation at the University of Zurich and is a Postgraduate Director of Studies, Queens' College, University of Cambridge.  He is the author of many research articles and several books, including Principles of Banking Regulation (Cambridge University Press, 2018), Brexit and Financial Service (co-author, Moloney et al, Bloomsbury, 2018) Global Governance of Financial Systems (with Eatwell/Dhumale, Oxford Univ Press 2006), and Economic Sanctions: Law and Public Policy (Macmillan 2009). He has authored many academic articles on international, EU and UK banking law and regulation. His recent articles have been published in the European Business Organisation ReviewEuropean Law Review and Journal of International Economic Law.

He authored or co-authored twelve highly regarded reports (2007-2012) for the European Parliament on the regulation and supervision of the European banking and financial system and on Eurozone sovereign debt crisis.  He was a Member of the European Parliament’s Expert Panel on Financial Services (2009-2014) and was the Specialist Adviser to British Parliament’s Joint Select Committee on the Financial Services Act 2012.  He has authored two recent reports for the United Nations and the G20 on ‘Banking Regulation and Environmental Sustainability’ and ‘Green Banking’. He has given oral and written evidence on many occasions to the House of Commons Treasury Committee and to the House of Lords Committee on Economic Affairs on UK banking regulation, EU banking regulation and economic sanctions. He gave oral and written evidence on the European Banking Union proposals to the House of Lords Europe Committee (Subcommittee A) (Sept 2012) and on the review of the European Supervisory Authorities (July 2014). His evidence is cited extensively in these Parliamentary reports. 

He comments for the BBC on UK and European banking regulation issues.

He is a Member of the Bar and was an adviser to the UK Serious Fraud Office on the Libor rate-rigging investigations and prosecutions.  


Recent Publications

K. Alexander (2019), 'Principles of Banking Regulation' (Cambridge: Cambridge University press)

K Alexander et al (2018), 'Brexit and Financial Services' (London: Hart/Bloomsbury)

K. Alexander (2019) ‘Financial Market Integration and EMU’, 87-135, and ‘Financial Market Regulation in the Internal Market’, 221-287, in F. Amtebnbrink, C. Hermann, and R Repasi (eds.), European Monetary Union Handbook (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

K Alexander (2019) ‘European Banking Union: Five Years On, (plenary chapter), in D. Busch and G Ferrarini (eds.), European Banking Union (2nd ed.) (Oxford: Oxford University Press)  75-138

K. Alexander (2019), 'Global Financial Governance and Banking Regulation: Redesigning regulation to promote stakeholder interests', in A. Berman, T. Büthe, M. Maggetti & J. Pauwelyn (eds.), Rethinking Stakeholder Participation in Global Governance: Challenges and Reforms in Financial and Health Institutions (Oxford University Press) (forthcoming) Link (PDF, 171 KB)

K. Alexander (2019), 'The ECB's macroprudential tasks and home-host supervision in the SSM: tasks, powers and supervisory gaps', in G. Lo Schiavo (ed.), The European Banking Union and the Role of Law (Elgar Financial Law) 154-175 Link (PDF, 222 KB)

K. Alexander (2015), 'Regulating the Structure of the EU Banking Sector', European Business Organisation Law Review, forthcoming Regulating the Structure of the EU Banking Sector (PDF, 1976 KB)

K. Alexander (2015), 'Tort Liability for Ratings of Structured Securities under English Law', ICCLJ Vol. 11 (2), 26-40. Tort Liability for Ratings of Structured Securities under English Law (PDF, 1647 KB)

K. Alexander (2015) 'European Banking Union: A Legal and Institutional Analysis of the Single Supervisory Mechanism and the Single Resolution Mechanism', European Law Review, 40(2), 154-187. European Banking Union E.L. Rev. (PDF, 453 KB)

K. Alexander (2014) 'The ECB and Banking Supervision: Building Effective Prudential Supervision?', Yearbook of European Law, 33(1), 417-432.

K. Alexander (2014) 'The Risk of Ratings in Bank Capital Regulation', European Business Law Review 25(2) 295-313. Risk of Ratings EBLR (PDF, 653 KB)

K. Alexander (2013) 'The Law of Insider Dealing - A Tale of Two Jurisdictions' (PDF, 37535 KB), European Journal of Comparative Law (112) 262-292.

K. Alexander (2013) 'Bank resolution and recovery in the EU: enhancing banking union?', Journal of the European Law Academy (ERA Forum) 2013 (3) 1-13.

K. Alexander (2012) 'Bank Capital Management and Macro-Prudential Regulation' (PDF, 24845 KB), Journal of Banking Law and Banking (JBB) 24 (5) 331-341.


Major Conferences (Keynote Speeches)

2017 Annual Conference of the European Systemic Risk Board (Sept 2017), 'Legal Perspectives on Macroprudential regulation', (European Central Bank), keynote panel Link

2017 European Central Bank Annual Legal Conference (4-5 Sept 2017), 'Shaping a new legal order for Europe: a tale of crises and opportunities', Keynote panel presentation  Link to PDF of book

2017, University of Sheffield, Law and Money, 3rd Annual Conference, Law, Finance, and Sustainability, Keynote Lecture, Green Banking: Redefining Regulation or Redefining Business’, (Sept 11, 2017), See programme