Crime and CoViD-19: The impact of the pandemic on organized, financial and corruption crimes May 2020

Video date

Monday, 18 May, 2020

Video speaker(s)

Professor Dimitris Ziouvas, Associate Fellow at IALS

Mr Ilias Chatzis, UNODC

Ms Gemma Aiolfi, Basel Institute on Governance

Ms Luca Bird, Global Initiative for Transnational Organised Crime.

Chair/Host: Professor Dimitris Ziouvas, Director of the Centre for Criminal Justice of Panteion University of Athens and IALS Associate Research Fellow


This Webinar explores the impact of the CoViD-19 pandemic on typically transnational forms of crime like organized crime, financial crime and corruption. World leading experts explore how the lockdown, the closure of borders and the transition to a more digital world and economy with the expanded use of cashless means of payments affect both crime and its governance.  How are criminals and organized criminal groups adjusting their modus operandi and their business models to the ‘new normal’ created by the pandemic? Are law enforcement agencies ready to respond to the new challenges? 

Tags: Centre for Financial Law, Regulation & Compliance (FinReg)

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