FinReg Webinar Series UK Bribery Act Tenth Anniversary

Video date

Thursday, 10 June, 2021

Video speaker(s)

Sir Hugh Bayley (MP for York 1992-2015)

Professor Jeremy Horder (LSE)

Tim Langton (Chief Compliance Officer, Wella)

Dominic Martin (Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs)

Professor Robert Barrington (University of Sussex)

Miranda Ching (Serious Fraud Office)

Professor Liz David-Barrett (University of Sussex)

Gillian Jones QC (Red Lion Chambers)

Karis McLarty (Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc)

Barnaby Hone (5SAH and IALS)


This two-part seminar marked the tenth anniversary of the Bribery Act coming into force in July 2021.  It was  convened jointly by the Centre for Financial Law, Regulation and Compliance (IALS) and the Centre for the Study of Corruption (Sussex).

Panel 1

1600-1700 Part 1: The Bribery Bill campaign

The panel will re-visit the ten-year campaign to secure new bribery legislation in the UK, looking at the role of the OECD, the Law Commission, campaign groups and business in shaping the new legislation and official guidance.


  • Sir Hugh Bayley, MP for York 1992-2015 and former member of the International Development Committee; 
  • Professor Jeremy Horder, London School of Economics and former Criminal Law Commissioner responsible for the Law Commission Report on bribery reform;
  • Tim Langton, Chief Compliance Officer, Wella, and former member of the Ministry of Justice expert group on Bribery Act guidance; 
  • Dominic Martin, Vice President of Governmental & Regulatory Affairs, Equinor, and former UK Ambassador to OECD.


  • Professor Robert Barrington, University of Sussex and former UK head of Transparency International.

Panel 2

1700-1800 Part 2: The Bribery Act over the past decade

The panel will review the decade since the introduction of the legislation and guidance, examining its impact on business, bribery, the UK's anti-corruption positioning and the wider world.


  • Miranda Ching, Serious Fraud Office;
  • Professor Liz David-Barrett, University of Sussex;
  • Gillian Jones QC, Red Lion Chambers;
  • Karis McLarty, Clear Channel Outdoor Holdings, Inc.


  • Barnaby Hone, FIVE ST ANDREW'S HILL (5SAH) and Institute of Advanced Legal Studies

Tags: Centre for Financial Law, Regulation & Compliance (FinReg)

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