About our Research

IALS - the International crossroads for Legal Research

The Institute brings together academic researchers, students, judges and legal practitioners from diverse backgrounds, enabling important opportunities for cross-fertilisation and has leadership involvement in strong networks both discipline-based and spanning geographical and jurisdictional differences. The Institute provides a base for many law-related organisations to meet at the heart of legal London.

The Library has the role of being one of the world's great comparative law libraries in providing a national shared resource for UK legal researchers - with a specific agreement with the British Library to act as the national law library - attracting expertise from UK and overseas for collaborative research and knowledge exchange.

The IALS, as a national centre for research, is concerned to promote research by its own academic staff and various research fellows and associates. Legal research conducted at the Institute also furthers our national role in legal research promotion and facilitation - providing a legal research hub (both through our central London venue and online through our web legal research resources).

For example:

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop with wide ranging subject matter, led by different Directors each year, high level of international scholars, judiciary, practitioners etc.
Hamlyn Lectures - the Institute has for many years Chaired the Hamlyn Trust with its highly distinguished annual Lecturers aiming at bringing an understanding of comparative law to the people of our nations .
Strong, highly competitive visiting Fellowship programme.
Associate Fellowship and overseas visitors programme.
Sustained, varied agenda of high impact events attracting profession and academics.
Collaboration and Networks with e.g. Statute Law Society, Jewish Law Publication Fund, Three Faiths Legal Section, London Legal History Seminar, Socio-Legal Studies Assocation, European Criminal law Association, Centre for Law and Society at Lancaster, SOLON (Liverpool John Moores, Nottingham Trent, Plymouth University), Market Abuse Association, Public Interest Environmental Law, Cambridge Symposium on International Crime.
Legal Information networks: Agreement with the British Library; FLARE collaborative partnership with Oxford, Cambridge, British Library and SOAS; NELLCO, North Eastern Law Library Consortium, one of the few International Associates of this US-Based consortium including Harvard and Yale.

High impact research at IALS

Within its agenda of promoting research facilitation, advancing innovation, and bridging research between the academy, the profession, judiciary, civil service and industry the Institute produces its own high impact research, and contributes to the generation and development of high impact research of others. High impact research at the IALS has addressed niche areas of human rights in HIV and AIDS, international financial regulation, international and European interdisciplinary taxation law and practice, on-line dispute resolution, legislative drafting and law reform, European criminal law, professional competence in the legal profession and the delivery of legal services, the future of law in an age of austerity, and change in Professional Legal Education and Training. A small academic staff of three is enhanced and supported by the system of Visiting Fellows, and Associate Research Fellows to the Institute.

The focus of these specific high impact areas results from the interest and involvement of core staff specialising in postgraduate research and training, the networking of international, inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional teams of experts, the impact and importance of the agenda for government, society, commerce and industry, and the necessity for work in the field that may not be easily undertaken by traditional Faculties. These research projects and programmes "lead and shape research agendas and promote debate about the socio-economic impact of the humanities", they impact on the socio-economic context of the world in which law works, and they "facilitate the identification of new research horizons" and "facilitate debate by provision of opportunities and resources for cutting-edge research".

Examples of research leading and shaping agendas
Examples of impact on the socio-economic context of the world in which law works
Examples of the identification of new research horizons
Examples of the provision of opportunities and resources for cutting-edge research

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