Areas of Research

Research at IALS

The Institute has both well-established and developing research strengths and interests across a wide range of fields. The Institute provides a neutral space to promote and facilitate research (and researchers), to develop the discipline, and to promote engagement with practitioners, policymakers and others. It offers a welcome home to visiting fellows, scholars and students. And it is home to between 50-80 PhD students at any one time. 

In 2018, the Institute hosted a panel exploring and discussing how IALS has made a significant contribution to legal scholarship during the 70 years since its establishment. 

This panel included:

  • Professor Fiona Cownie, Keele University
  • Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas, Queen Mary, University of London
  • Professor Hilary Sommerlad, University of Leeds
  • Chair: Professor Diamond Ashiagbor, IALS


If you are interested in conducting PhD study at the Institute, please see here.

Page last updated: 15th April 2021