Arbitration and Dispute Settlement

The Institute has long been involved in the law and practice relating to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, and work continued in this field during the year, including the participation of its staff and students in the development of ADR systems in the far east, southern Africa and central and eastern Europe. In August 2000 The Journal of ADR, Mediation and Negotiation was launched by CLT Professional Publishing, under the general editorship of Professor William Rees, an Associate Research Fellow of the Institute, in association with the Institute and the ADR Group.

While the Institute is concerned not to duplicate work currently being undertaken elsewhere in the United Kingdom, consideration is being given, with the assistance of an advisory committee under Professor Stefan Frommel, an Associate Senior Research Fellow of the Institute, to establishing a centre in this area of the law. The Society for Advanced Legal Studies  has also established an expert working group to look at the impact, if any, of human rights legislation on ADR and arbitration. Members of the Institute's staff have assisted the deliberations of this working group.

Page last updated: 11th April 2016