Comparative Law

The Institute has always been very much concerned with fostering and supporting comparative research. Indeed, it was the desire to promote comparative research of legal systems that played such a significant role in the establishing the Institute in the first place. It has long been the case that the Institute's library is one of the great comparative law libraries of the world and it is concerned to ensure that its collections justify its international reputation.

In the last year, Barry Hancock, Associate Research Fellow at the Institute, and Professor John Jackson of Queen's University, Belfast worked together on a project exploring how prosecution services operated in different criminal justice contexts. They have now published a book "Standards for Prosecutors: An analysis of the United Kingdom national prosecuting agencies". In this, they took the international standards and norms for prosecutors and sought to measure the CPS, the Crown Office and the PPSNI (the Public Prosecution Service for Northern Ireland) against them. The book is published by Wolf Legal Publishing in The Netherlands.

The Institute continues to receive a large number of visiting scholars from different legal traditions and, wherever feasible, attempts to support and encourage their work through involving them in its publications, seminar and conference and fellowships programmes.

Page last updated: 25th January 2016