European Criminal Law

The Sir William Dale Centre has a long interest in the relatively new area of European Criminal law. Dr Helen Xanthaki and Dr Constantin Stefanou at the Sir William Dale Centre have undertaken pioneering studies funded by the Commission of the EU on the 'use of criminal records as a means of combating organised crime' and on the 'creation of a European Criminal Record'. The latter is an idea which has been taken up by the EU Commission in its proposal for the creation of a European criminal register. The Centre has been commissioned by the EU to conduct Falcone and Grotius studies on different aspects of EU criminal law.

Other areas in which the Sir William Dale Centre has expertise is the use of databases as a means of combating organised crime and OLAF (the EU's Anti-Fraud unit). Dr Xanthaki and Dr Stefanou are the author's of the European Parliament's Budgetary Committee (COCOBU) study on the future of OLAF and have given oral and written evidence to the House of Lords European Union Committee and the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee on various aspects of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs Policy.

Page last updated: 22nd January 2016