Financial Services and Regulation Law

Photograph of Professor Alexander at the book launch of Brexit and Financial Services
Kern Alexander gives book launch lecture for his new co-authored book 'Brexit and Financial Services' (Hart, 2018)

The Institute recognises that the regulation of financial markets and the financial services industry involves issues relating to a number of areas of legal study including corporate law, public law, international economic law and public international law, and contract law. Professor Dr. Kern Alexander leads a research project on financial services law and regulation at the Institute which focuses on the public law aspects of financial regulation, and the inter-relationship between European and international financial law and regulation.

As part of the project, Professor Alexander was awarded a major ESRC research grant in 2006 as co-investigator on the World Economy and Finance programme entitled 'the Legal and Economic Aspects of Sovereign Debt Restructuring', (2006-2008). Dr. Alexander authored a paper entitled: 'International Economic Law and the Lender of Last Resort that was presented at the International Monetary Fund's bi-annual seminar 'Law and Financial Stability' and was later published in the IMF Legal Department's journal 'Current issues in Monetary and Financial Law, vol 5, 131-190 (2008) (Washington DC: IMF).

Research Dissemination

Dr. Alexander has given oral and written evidence in 2006 before the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs Committee on the 'Impact of Economic sanctions'. He also gave oral and written evidence to the European Union Parliament's Special Committee on the Inquiry into Collapse of Equitable Life. He has also given papers and presentations at the International Monetary Fund's annual meeting on 'Law and Financial Stability'. He has serves in several working groups of academics, policymakers and practitioners that analyse comparative issues of financial regulation under European Union law and US law.

In 2009, the Institute hosted the Hart Workshop entitled 'Law Reform and Financial Markets'. Professor Alexander was one of the lead organisers in the conference which attracted academics from around the world at a successful conference held at Gray's Inn and at the IALS on 23-25 June 2009.

The Institute continued to be active in publishing in this area of the law. Dr. Alexander is the contributing author and editor of Butterworths US Money Laundering Law and Regulation series. He has authored and co-authored several books and peer-reviewed articles addressing issues of UK , EU, and international financial regulation. See Dr. Alexander's page for more details.

The House of Commons Treasury Committee invited Professor Alexander in 2009 to give oral and written evidence to the Committee on 23 June 2009. See Oral and written evidence before the House of Commons Treasury Committee entitled 'Banking Crisis: Supervision and Regulation' (23 June 2009). See Alexander's oral evidence is cited in the Committee's Final report at the Fourteenth Report of Session 2008-09 (28 July 2009) - Banking Crisis: Supervision and Regulation.

Professor Alexander was invited in 2009 to give written evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs critically analysing UK Banking Supervision and Regulation. The Select Committee cited his written evidence in several parts of the Committee's Final Report published on 2 June 2009 at 'Banking Supervision and Regulation'.

Professor Alexander was commissioned by the European Parliament Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs to write a major report (with co-authors Professor Eatwell of Cambridge University and Avinash Persaud and Robert Reoch) that examines the clearing and settlement systems in the European Union and to recommend legal and regulatory reforms.

New Publications

Kern Alexander's new monograph Principles of Banking Regulation (June 2019, Cambridge University Press).

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