W.G. Hart Bequest

Dr W.G. Hart, who was awarded the London University LL.D. in 1905, practised at the Bar for many years until World War II and edited a number of legal works, generously left the residue of his estate to the University. At its meeting on 18th February 1981 the Senate, following the recommendation of the Board of Studies in Laws, resolved that income from the W.G. Hart Bequest Fund be placed at the disposal of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies to help finance the annual Legal Workshop and provide for other special needs in the Institute Library.

Accordingly the 1981 Legal Workshop was renamed "the W.G.Hart Legal Workshop" and was subsidised by part of the available funds from the W.G.Hart Bequest Fund.

Hart, Walter Gray
A thesis upon the definition, classification, creation and interpretation of trusts in English law

IALS copy is at Depository 9862

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