Ford Foundation Legal Workshop: 12th Workshop 1977

Welfare Law

The 12th Legal Workshop, financed from funds provided by the Ford Foundation, was held in the Lecture Theatre of the Institute from Tuesday 5h July to Friday 8th July 1977.

The subject was: Welfare Law. The Academic Directors were Professor Jeffrey Jowell of University College London and Mr Martin Partington of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

The interest in the Workshop was far more intense than expected and, in order to restrict numbers to a size conducive to tolerably intimate discussion, the Academic Directors were forced to admit only one participant from each British university. Other participants came from the College of Law, the Council of Legal Education and three Polytechnics.

Among the speakers, the Workshop had the benefit of the presence of leading European authorities. Attendance remained high throughout the duration of the Workshop, and discussion was of a high quality.

The Workshop was divided into five Themes:

Theme I considered The Development and Scope of Welfare Law
Theme II considered Welfare Law and the control of Discretion
Theme III considered Research in Welfare Law - Specific Topics
Theme IV considered Welfare Law in Action
Theme V considered The Teaching of Welfare Law

Further reading:

Welfare law & policy : studies in teaching, practice and research / edited by Martin Partington and Jeffrey Jowell.
New York : Nichols Publishing (London) : Pinter, 1979.
Depository 36669

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Jeffrey Jowell (University College London)
  • Mr Martin Partington (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Workshop Main Speakers:
Theme I - The Development and Scope of Welfare Law
Mr C. Glasser (Solicitor)
The Political Movement for Legal Services and the Sociology of Law
Mr Tony Lynes (Department of Health & Social Security)
The Relevance of Historical Research to Understanding the Nature of Welfare Rights
Mr R. McCreadie (University of Dundee)
Commentary on the development and scope of Welfare Law
Mr John Mesher (University of Sheffield)
The Boundaries of Welfare Law: Where Does Public Law End and Private Law Begin?
Dr P. O'Higgins (Christ's College, Cambridge)
Why Welfare Law? Establishing Basic Principles and Purposes
Theme II - Welfare Law and the control of Discretion
Dr G. Ganz (University of Southampton)
The Role of the Ombudsman in Welfare Law
Mr Norman Lewis (University of Hull)
Complaints Procedures in the Field of Local Government
Dr D.G.T. Williams (Emmanuel College, Cambridge)
Judicial Restraint and Judicial Review
Theme III - Research in Welfare Law - Specific Topics
Mr Michael Freeman (University College London)
Child Welfare Law and Reform
Mr Michael J. Hill (School of Advanced Urban Studies, University of Bristol)
Social Workers and the Delivery of Welfare Benefits
Professor S. Leibfried (University of Bremen)
The Passive Administration of Poverty - Filtering of Rights to General Assistance
Mr C. Trinder (University of York)
The Economist's Role in Research into Welfare Law
Professor G. Winter (University of Bremen)
Housing for the Poor: Tools, Socio-Economic Structures and results in West Germany
Theme IV - Welfare Law in Action
Professor Jacqueline Dutheil de la Rochere (University of Lille II)
French Social Security Law
with commentaries by  Mmn. N. Questiaux and M.J. Fournier (Counsel d'Etat)and Miss R. Brooke
Mr H. Hodge (Child Poverty Action Group)
A Test-Case Strategy
Mr W. Merricks (Brunel University)
Welfare Law Practice
Theme V - The Teaching of Welfare Law
Dr J. Fulbrook (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Clinical Legal Education
The Workshop ended with an open discussion on this theme with contributions from : Mr R. de Friend (University of Kent), Mr L.S. Lustgarten (University of Warwick), Mr D.W. Pollard (University of Leicester) and Mmn. N. Questiaux (Counsel d'Etat)
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