Ford Legal Workshop: 10th Workshop 1975

Community Law and the Individual

The 10th Legal Workshop organised by the Institute, and financed with the help of the Ford Foundation, was held from Tuesday 1st July to Friday 4th July 1975 at Connaught Hall, University of London. The subject of the Workshop, which took place shortly after the referendum on UK membership of the European Community, was: Community Law and the Individual. It was directed by Professor F.G. Jacobs, Professor of European Law in the University of London.

The 44 participants came from university law faculties throughout the United Kingdom and we had the support of the Ford Visiting American professor, Professor Eric Stein, from the University of Michigan, together with Professor W. van Gerven of Louvain, and four speakers from the commission of the European Communities in Brussels (M. Paul Lleux, Miss Karen Fogg, Dr. M. Hilf, and Dr R Wagenbaur) as well as participants from Government departments, from the Law Commission, and from the practising professions.

Further reading derived from the Workshop:

European law and the individual / edited by F. G. Jacobs.
Amsterdam ; New York : North-Holland Pub. Co. ; New York : distributors for the U.S.A. and Canada, Elsevier/North-Holland, 1976.
Classmark: Depository 28828

Academic Directors:

  • Professor F.G. Jacobs (Professor of European Law, University of London).
Workshop Speakers:
Mr L.A. Collins
Remedies in the United Kingdom - some practical aspects of direct applicability
Miss Karen Fogg
The 'social face' of the Community
Professor W. van Gerven
The direct effect of Articles 48-66 EEC
Mr T.C. Hartley
The international scope of the Community provisions concerning the free movement of workers (including social security)
Dr M. Hilf
The protection of fundamental rights in Community Law
Professor O. Kahn-Freund
The European Social Charter
M.O. Leleux
Recent decisions of the Court of Justice in the field of free movement of persons and free supply of services
Professor K. Lipstein
Conflict of laws in social security
Dr Paul O'Higgins and Mr Bob Hepple
Recent developments in EEC labour law
Professor Claire Palley
Fundamental rights in the United Kingdom
Professor K.R. Simmonds
The direct effect of directives after the 'Van Duyn Case'
Professor Eric Stein
Citizens' standing to initiate judicial review in the EEC and in a mature federation
Dr R. Wägenbaur
The mutual recognition of qualifications in the EEC
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