Ford Legal Workshop: 4th Workshop 1969

Company Law

The 4th in the series of Legal Workshops arranged by the Institute and sponsored out of funds provided by the generosity of the Ford Foundation, was held at Passfield Hall from Sunday 13th July to Saturday 19th July 1969. It dealt with problems of: Company Law and was organised by Mr L.C.B. Gower, MBE of the Law Commission, and Professor K.W. Wedderburn, of the Department of Law, London School of Economics, University of London.

The Workshop was attended by over 40 law teachers from universities and Colleges of Further Education in the United Kingdom. Foreign participants included: Professor Louis Loss of Harvard University, Professor S. Simitis of the University of Giessen and Professor D.A. Soberman of Queen's University, Kingston. The Workshop was also attended by representatives of the Board of Trade, the Confederation of British Industries and the Trade Union Congress.

Academic Directors:

  • Mr L.C.B. Gower, MBE (Law Commission)
  • Professor K.W. Wedderburn (Department of Law, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London)

The first two days of the Workshop dealt with the legal regulation of companies in England. The background for a comparative analysis was provided by Professor Loss, who spoke of the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States of America, and Professor Simitis, who spoke of recent reforms in company law in Europe.

The next two days were primarily devoted to problems of management and, in particular, the duties of directors in regard to take-overs and mergers. The role of the institutional investor in safeguarding investors generally and of the financial press were also discussed. The participants were particularly fortunate in hearing addresses from the Right Hon. Lord Aldington of General Electric Company and Associated Electrical Industries, Mr N.A. Coop of Dunlops, and Mr P.E. Moody of the Prudential Assurance Company, Ltd.

The final day was devoted to the teaching of company law in university and college law departments and in schools of business studies.

A formal dinner was held at the London School of Economics on July 17th, when an address on the subject of management and labour problems was given by Mr Robert Carr, MP.


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