Ford Legal Workshop: 6th Workshop 1971

The Law of Torts and Non-physical Loss

The 6th Legal Workshop organised by the Institute was held from Monday 12th July to Friday 16th June 1971 at Passfield Hall. The subject chosen was: The Law of Torts and Non-physical Loss and the Workshop was organised by Mr J.A. Jolowicz, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, assisted by Mr B.A. Hepple, Fellow of Clare College.

The number of applications to attend was such that not all could be accepted. A total of 51 people were finally inscribed, 8 of them on a casual basis only, and all the sessions of the Workshop were well attended. The Institute was pleased to welcome from overseas: Professor Fleming James, of Yale University, and Mlle G. Viney, of Caen, both of whom contributed papers and gave much help in the discussion of others.

For the most part the main concern of the participants was with the social, moral, and economic implications of the various topics discussed, rather than with details of the "letter of the law".

The liveliness of the sessions, and the readiness of people to take part in them, indicated that the opportunity provided for a discussion in depth of this area of law was widely welcomed and proved of considerable value to the participants.      

Academic Directors:

  • Mr J.A. Jolowicz (Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge)
  • assisted by Mr B.A. Hepple (Fellow of Clare College, Cambridge)
Workshop Speakers:
A.V. Alexander (Sedwick Collins & Co. Ltd. Insurance Brokers)
Insurance Aspects
G.J. Borrie and R.J. Smith (University of Birmingham)
Losses suffered by reason of Damage to Property in which the Plaintiff has no Proprietary Interest
W.R. Cornish (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Reaping without Sowing: Some Aspects of Unfair Competition
G. Dworkin and A. Samuels (University of Southampton)
Losses suffered by reason of the Death or Injury of another Person
B.A. Hepple (University of Cambridge)
Loss Absorption and the Control of Unfair Practices
Fleming James Jr. (Yale University)
Summary of American Law and Current Developments
P.S. James (University of Leeds)
Losses caused by Incorrect Information or Advice
J.A. Jolowicz (University of Cambridge)
The Law of Tort and Non-physical Loss
C.J. Miller (University of Leeds)
Losses caused by Incorrect Information or Advice
P.M. North (University of Oxford)
Breach of Confidence: Is there a new Tort?
Mlle G. Viney (Caen)
La réparation des dommages non-physiques en droit français
J.A. Weir (University of Cambridge)
Interference with Pure Contractual Interests
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