Ford Legal Workshop: 7th Workshop 1972

The Functions of Comparative Law

The 7th Legal Workshop organised by the Institute was held from Monday 10th July to Friday 14th June 1972 at Passfield Hall, London under the chairmanship of Professor R.H. Graveson, Q.C.

The subject was: The Functions of Comparative Law and the Workshop was organised by Professor Graveson, assisted by Mr A.D. Hughes of King's College, London.

The total number of participants was 45, and all the sessions were well attended. The Institute was pleased to welcome several overseas visitors to the Workshop including: Professor F.F. Stone, Director of the Tulane Institute of Comparative law; Professor A.E. von Overbeck of the University of Fribourg; Professor T. Cieslak, Director of the Polish Cultural Institute in London; Monsieur F. Marx, Secretary General of the French Institute in London; and Professor G.F. Curtis, Q.C. of the University of British Colombia.

The proceedings were marked by friendly informality and, thanks no doubt to the unusually varied backgrounds and experience of the participants, discussions ranged freely over a wide area. To mark the event a dinner was held at King's College , London at which Lord Denning, M.R. and the Dean of King's College were guests.

Following the precedents set at earlier workshops, the 1972 Workshop did not seek to reach any formal or final conclusions, but to illustrate the varied practical applications of comparative law in modern legal systems. Designed, as usual, primarily for the benefit of law teachers, the Workshop confirmed once again the great value of meeting together to discuss a problem in a relaxed and congenial atmosphere.

Academic Directors:

  • Professor R.H. Graveson, QC
  • assisted by Mr A.D. Hughes (King's College, London)
Workshop Speakers:
Professor J.N.D. Anderson (Director, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)
The special problems of law reform and the use of foreign materials in a system of religious law
Professor A.G. Chloros (King's College, London)
The use of foreign materials in teaching
Professor E.J. Cohn (King's College, London)
The use of foreign materials in legal writing
Professor A.K.R. Kiralfy (King's College, London)
The position in socialist systems of law
Mr Norman Marsh QC (Law Commission)
The use of foreign materials in judicial decision
Professor von Overbeck (University of Fribourg)
The experience of the civil law systems and the use of foreign materials in the preparation of international conventions
Sir Leslie Scarman (Chairman, Law Commission)
The use of foreign legal materials in law reform and legislation
Professor F.F. Stone (Director, Tulane Institute of Comparative Law)
The American experience
Professor Sir Francis Vallat QC (King's College, London)
The use of foreign materials in the practice of international law
Professor B.A. Wortley QC (unable to attend in person)
Observations on the somewhat restricted duty to approximate laws in the European Economic Community: a task for Comparative Lawyers
Discussion led by Professor F.H. Lawson
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