W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1981

Contract: Death or Change of Life?

The annual Legal Workshop organised by the Institute benefited for the first time in 1981 from agreed additional financial help made possible by the W.G. Hart Bequest. The Workshop was held at the Institute from Tuesday 30th June to Friday 3rd July 1981 and the subject was: Contract: Death or Change of Life? 82 law teachers from universities and polytechnics attended, about half of whom stayed in Connaught Hall.

The Workshop was divided into four Themes:

Theme I considered The Nature of Contractual Obligations
Theme II considered Procedural and Substantive Fairness
Theme III considered Remedies and Incentives
Theme IV considered Contracts and Public Law

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 1981 - Programme of speakers and papers (pdf)

Published Proceedings:

Contract: death or change of life? / academic directors: A. I. Ogus and H. G. Beale.
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1981.
IALS classmark: FOL SJ75 INS

Academic Directors:

  • Professor A.I. Ogus (University of Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • Mr. H.G. Beale (University of Bristol)
Workshop Main Speakers:
Theme I - The Nature of Contractual Obligations
Professor P.S. Atiyah (University of Oxford)
The Scope of Contract Law
Dr J.A. Dowie (Open University)
Contract: the rise and fall of agreeable risk?
Mr H.G. Collins (University of Oxford)
The Alternatives to the Justice of Exchange: the reliance interest
Theme II - Procedural and Substantive Fairness
Mr J. Beatson (University of Oxford)
Probity in the bargaining process: what pressures must we put up with?
Professor A.L. Diamond (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)
The generation of information for consumers
Professor I.R. Macneil (Northwestern University)
Contracts: Adjustment of Long-Term Economic Relations
Mr A.G.L. Nicol (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Outflanking protective legislation - shams and beyond
Professor D. Tallon (Institut de Recherches Juridiques Comparatives, Paris)
Consumer Protection and the Law of Contract
Mr D. Tiplady (University of Nottingham)
Truth from rules? the judicial control of contractual unfairness
Theme III - Remedies and Incentives
Mr W.D. Bishop (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Remoteness of damage and the contract/tort boundary
Mr T.A. Downes (Durham University)
Long Term Contracts and Inflation: Party Autonomy or Intervention?
Dr D.R. Harris (University of Oxford)
Remedies: an overview
Theme IV - Contracts and Public Law
Mr M.J. Elliott (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Government, contracts and policies: some theoretical perspectives
Mr A.D.O. Thomson (University of Kent)
State Intervention and market freedom: interpreting consumer protection
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