W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1983

The Family, State and Law in Britain Today

The annual Legal Workshop was held at the Institute from Tuesday 5th July to Friday 8th July 1983 on the subject: The Family, State and Law in Britain Today.
The Workshop was attended by 68 persons, most of whom were law teachers in universities and polytechnics. 23 members of the Workshop stayed in Connaught Hall.

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 1983 - Programme of speakers and papers (pdf)

Published Proceedings:

The family, state and law in Britain today / academic director: Michael Freeman, assistant director: Dawn Oliver.
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1983.
IALS classmark: FOL SJ175 INS

Academic Directors:

  • Mr Michael Freeman (Reader in English Law, University College London) - assisted by:
  • Dawn Oliver (University College London) 
Workshop Main Speakers:
Dr Eric Clive (Scottish Law Commission)
The Financial Consequences of Divorce: Reform from the Scottish Perspective
Madeleine Colvin (Children's Legal Centre)
Children, Care and the Local State
Ruth Deech (St. Anne's College, Oxford)
Matrimonial Property and Divorce - a Century of Progress?
Dr Robert Dingwall (Centre for Socio-Legal Studies, Wolfson College, Oxford)
Rethinking Child Protection
John Eekelaar (Pembroke College, Oxford) and Mavis Maclean (Centre for Socio-Legal studies, Wolfson College, Oxford)
The Passage from Divorce to Remarriage
Michael Freeman (University College London)
Conclusion - Family Law in the Next Decade
Antonia Gerard (Barrister and Assistant Recorder)
Conciliation: Present and Future
Hilary Land (University of Bristol)
Changing Women's Claims to Maintenance
Jenny Levin (Legal Action Group)
Financial Consequences of Divorce: Problems and Priorities
Nigel Lowe (University of Bristol)
Wardship: In Search of a Role
Susan Maidment (University of Keele)
Section 41 of the Matrimonial Causes Act and the Children of divorce: Theoretical and Empirical Considerations
Judith Masson (University of Leicester)
Old Families into New: Step-Families and the Law
Katherine O'Donovan (University of Kent)
Paternalism and Protection
Jan Pahl (University of Kent)
Allocation of Economic resources within the Family
Professor Madzy Rood de Boer (Wilhelm Pompe Instituut, Utrecht)
Decision-making in the Family - State Intervention or Parental Autonomy: Where is the Line to be Drawn?
Carol Smart (institute of Psychiatry, London)
Marriage and the Family: Some Feminist Issues
Elizabeth Szwed (Justice for Children)
The Family Court
Elizabeth Wilson (Polytechnic of North London)
What can we do about Violence against Women?
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