W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1985

Commercial Law

The annual Legal Workshop organized by the Institute and once again subsidised from the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 2nd July to Friday 5th July 1985. The subject was: Commercial Law.

The Workshop was attended by 50 persons including law teachers from universities and polytechnics and members of staff from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Home Office and the Criminal Appeal Office of the Royal Courts of Justice. A third of the participants stayed in Connaught Hall.

Academic Directors:

  • Professor A.L. Diamond (Director, Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)
Workshop Main Speakers:
Sir Gordon Borrie (Director-General, Office of Fair Trading)
Micro-electronics and Retailing
Brian Davenport QC (Law Commission)
The Codification of Commercial Law
Professor Roy Goode (Centre for Commercial Law Studies, Queen Mary College)
The Teaching of Commercial Law
Trevor Hartley (London School of Economics and Political Science)
International Commercial Litigation: A Case Study
Derek Kirby Johnson (Solicitor)
Breaking Bulk: Problems in the Concept of 'Property'
Ian Karsten (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Harmonising Agency Law
Professor Barry Nicholas (Brasenose College, Oxford)
Vienna Convention on Sales
Geoffrey Samuel (Bristol Polytechnic)
Civil Law and Commercial Law
Mr Justice Savile (Queen's Bench Division)
Commercial Law in Practice
Martin Stanford (UNIDROIT)
Harmonisation of Commercial Law: An Overview
Andrew Trew (Legal Technology Group)
The New Technology: Current Issues in Commercial Law
Cento Veljanovski and Toni Williams (University College London)
Retention of Title: the Commercial Issues
Karen Williams (University of Essex)
Performance Bonds
Professor W.A. Wilson (University of Edinburgh)
Scots Commercial Law
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