W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1988

Law and Medicine

The annual Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 28th June to Friday 1st July 1988. The subject was: Law and Medicine.

The Workshop was attended by over 70 participants including law teachers from universities, polytechnics and colleges of further education throughout Britain, together with representatives from the medical world, the Civil Service and the legal profession. Unfortunately the Academic Director, Professor Ian Kennedy of King's College London, had not made a complete recovery from a serious illness suffered earlier in the year and was unable to take part personally in the Workshop. The Institute was most grateful to Mr Andrew Grubb, of Fitzwilliam College Cambridge for deputising at extremely short notice.

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Ian Kennedy (King's College London)
  • Mr Andrew Grubb (Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge)
Workshop Main Speakers:
Mr W. Bingley (Director MIND)
An aspect of law and mental health
Professor A.L. Diamond (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Consent and contracts for clinical trial volunteers
Dr R. Dingwall and Mr P. Fenn (Wolfson College, Oxford)
Medical negligence claims and allegations of defensive medicine
Mr D. Jabbari (University of Keele)
Reproductive medicine and the law's response
Mr M. Jones (University of Liverpool)
Medical malpractice - Causation and Defensive Medicine
Mr S. Lee (King's College London)
Informed consent
Mr N.V. Lowe (University of Bristol)
Warding of foetuses and a mother's obligation to her unborn child
Dr A. McCall-Smith (University of Edinburgh)
Transplantation and uses of foetal tissue
Mr J. Montgomery (University of Southampton)
Professionalisation of medical accountability
Dr B.W. Napier (Queen's College, Cambridge)
AIDS, employment and discrimination
Mr K. Norrie (University of Aberdeen)
Sterilisation of the mentally disabled, minor or adult
Ms S. Roberts (King's College, London)
Consent to treatment in the context of children - Parens Patriae
Mr A. Simonowicz (Director, AVMA)
Aspects of a doctor's duty of care to a patient and problems of litigation associated with causation (both legal and practical)
Professor A.T.H. Smith (University of Reading)
Criminal law aspects of AIDS. Testing for AIDS without consent
Sir Henry Yellowlees (British Medical Association)
The B.M.A. report on euthanasia
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