W. G. Hart Legal Workshop: 1989

The Single European Market and the Development of European Law

The annual Legal Workshop, again subsidised by the W G Hart Bequest, was held at the Institute from Tuesday 4th July to Thursday 6th July 1989 on the theme: The Single European Market and the Development of European Law.

Over 60 participants attended all or part of the Workshop including speakers from the European Commission, the European Parliament and the Cabinet Office in addition to the usual wide ranging representation from universities and polytechnics. The Workshop also opened its doors for the first time to a limited number of participants from solicitors' firms.

In total 22 papers were given at the Workshop including those presented in a working session of the European Citizenship project organised in collaboration with the British institute of International and Comparative law and the Federal Trust for Education and Research.

W. G. Hart Legal Workshop 1989 - Programme of speakers and papers

Papers from proceedings:

The single European market and the development of European law / academic director: T. C. Daintith.
London : Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, 1989.
IALS classmark: FOL GO1.A1 SIN

Academic Directors:

  • Professor Terence Daintith (Director of IALS)
Workshop Speakers:
Dr S.D. Anderman (University of Warwick)
The Conflict Between Intellectual Property Rights and EEC Competition Policy
Dr N. Burrows (University of Glasgow)
New Approaches to Harmonisation: Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter?
Ms M. Cremona (City of London Polytechnic)
The Completion of the Internal Market and the Incomplete Commercial Policy of the European Market
Mr F. Danis (EC Commission)
Citizens' Europe: Political Rights Directive
Dr J. Dine (Institute of Advanced Legal Studies)
Changing the Balance of Power in Companies: The Company Law Directives
Mr T. Downes (University of Durham)
The Climate for Merger Control
Mr P. Gardner (British Institute of International and Comparative Law)
European Citizenship: Does a Comparative Review of National Laws Concerning Citizenship Rights Help?
Dr L. Hancher (University of Leiden)
1992 and Accountability Gaps: a Case Study in European Regulation
Mr J.H. Holroyd (Cabinet Office)
UK Government Structure and the Implementation of European Community Policy
Mr W. Howarth (University College of Wales, Aberystwyth)
The Single European Market and Animal Health: The Case of Fish Disease
Dr S. Leader (University of Essex)
The Models of Collective Bargaining in the Single European Market
Dr J. Lonbay (University of Birmingham)
Educational Rights
Ms L. Luckhaus (University of Warwick)
EEC Social Security and Citizenship
Mr A McGee (University of Manchester)
Legal Obstacles to Transborder Co-operation
Professor Paul O'Higgins (King's College, London)
1992 - the Employment Law Dimension
Mr D. Pollard (University of Leicester)
Legal Education and Training for 1992 and Beyond
Ms B. Sas (Centre for Petroleum and Mineral Law Studies, University of Dundee)
1992: Implications for the Petroleum Industry
Dr F. Snyder (University College London)
Rethinking some Basic Concepts in European Economic Law
Dr J. Stoodley (EC Commission)
The Predicted Economic Impacts of the 1992 Programme
Mr T. Tridimas (University of Birmingham)
Substantive Securities Regulation
Professor J. Usher (University of Exeter)
The Development of Community Powers after the Single European Act
Dr C. Vincenzi (Huddersfield Polytechnic)
European Citizenship
Dr P Xuereb (University of Exeter)
Transport Services and EC External Policy
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